View Full Version : Let us remove Flashes

09-27-2018, 03:36 PM
Please introduce a register in the Settings, where we can chose, which flashy effects we want to see and in which intensity.

So much Star Wars in For Honor ... my weapon glows blue when entering a combo, my weapon glows yellow when I sweep someone, my dodge attacks pull a blue shadow, healing zones cover my in green pluses and Revenge is basically SuperSaiyan^2.

If I had the free choice I am asking for, I would just keep a slighter version of the unblockable glowing shoulders and the purple/red bleed indicator and only slighter green without pluses in healing zones. Done. After 19 months, I know when I initiate a combo, without having to look for the blue glow of my weapon.
I want this game to be grittier.

Some people might like this indicator, but many obviously don't. And it would make the game look much better even on Youtube videos and streams.

We already can turn off paid effect, but that's just to top of the iceberg.