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09-27-2018, 02:18 PM
Buff ideas /Something I typed in response
To the devs blog.

Please pay attention to whenever I say ďmaybeĒ.
Please feel free to debate the things Iíve typed down below.
Please have an open mind and think of how these buffs/nerfs would translate to the game etc.


Well Iím going to give a list of everyone who needs a look into and my small suggestions as to how they should be buffed.

Iíve played a lot of this game and I hope that Ubisoft can agree with the things I will mention.

Raider needs a lot more chains(Light into heavy etc) and faster lights(500ms). Maybe hyper armor on his heavies(The first heavy in the chain),faster heavy startup, less stamina consumption.

Warlord also needs more chains and a solid all guard stance that guarantees punishes. Maybe even an unblockable.

Peacekeeper needs a small damage buff and less stamina consumption or at least faster stamina recovery. Her guardbreak should guarantee her a heavy(one that does 25-27 damage)from any direction that she canít follow up into a bleed stab.
Maybe an unblockable similar to gladiators toe stab.(stabs chest with dagger quickly, 8 damage)

Lawbringer needs a lot more chains, faster lights(500ms), faster chains, Maybe even hyper armor on some heavies,Less stamina consumption,an reliable opener and maybe a change to shove on block. Maybe give him a proper bash.

Nobushi needs more chains, faster lights(NOT 400ms), less stamina consumption.

Centurion needs an opener, maybe a chargeable kick similar to warden shoulder bash, cancelable zone attack.

Shinobi needs more options, more chains, an unblockable maybe, cancelable zone attack.

Aramusha Iím not to sure what to do with. He is basically a weaker bezerker at this point. He definitely needs some changes however because he is among of the weakest in the cast.


The rest of the cast is fine in all honesty. If I were to change things to any of the characters not mentioned it would be....

Orochi should get an unblockable similar to gladiator. Better guard break throw.

Shamans bite damage reduction to 40 but increased healing. Maybe more chains.

Conq bash being punishable like wardens shoulder bash.

Warden more chains, canít faint shoulder bash after you are already into the bash itself.
Meaning once he starts moving forward he canít faint it.

Highlander faster normal lights, more punishable caber toss.

Valkyrie should get more damage on her guardbreak and first in chain heavies.(25-27)

Hereís a tier list as well in my opinion.

A tier: Orochi,Shaman,Valkyrie, Highlander, Shinobi.

B tier: Centerion, Nobushi, Warlord, Peacekeeper.

C tier: Raider, Aramusha, Lawbringer.

D tier: Shugoki.

S tier: Warden, Conqueror, Kensei, Gladiator, Bezerker.

The heroes in S tier that I think need nerfs are....

Wardens charged shoulder bash faint(If he starts the bash, as In him already doing the bash, like moving forward) this shouldnít be a thing. Keep his bash the same just donít allow him to faint while he already started the bash.

Conquerors Sheild bash needs to be more vulnerable.

This is my opinion and most of the communities as well(In terms with which heroes need some adjusting). Plenty of videos on why these characters needs nerfs and buffs. Sorry if I restated anything. Iím just going off all of my experiences in game and all the communities feedback.

The data showed in the graphs were pretty inaccurate. The players of the game know whatís best. Especially the really dedicated ones who understand the games mechanics.

Ubisoft please take this into consideration and make your community happy.