View Full Version : Breakmycitywall is recruiting 10-15 active players

09-27-2018, 12:34 PM
Hi, breakmycitywall is looking for new people who are active. Are you tired of the moochers on your current team? People who request and don't donate. Or those who dont participate in team events but get the last team pack you worked so hard to get. If so come join us. We are an easygoing fun team. We have always finished team events and donations are filled quick. There's only 3 requirements. Donate a minimum of 100cards per wk. (Super easy to do) play in weekend events participation is a must! Lastly communicate with team. If u will be away give a heads up that you will be Mia. We don't kick weekly we kick about every 3wks cause RL crap does happen. We do always give a heads up if you might be kicked. We will call u out a few times so you may respond. We run a fair team where your opinion does matter even if u are not a leader/elder. Come check us out who knows u might have just find a home.