View Full Version : Feedback from a new player

09-27-2018, 12:16 AM
I just picked up this game today, having only recently heard about it when I was browsing betas on Ubisoft, and am so far disappointed.

The tutorial is basic. It tells you how to move, shoot, and reload. It does not tell you the following:

How to use your sword
How to use your shield
What each weapon does (For ALL weapons)
What each pickup does

Plus the two gamemodes that I've noticed have no explanation as to what they are and how they work. Team deathmatch is obvious if you've played games like this before, but not every new player has.

Additionally, the controls seem clunky and not very intuitive. It's hard to focus on shooting your enemy when you're too busy trying not to run into a wall every three seconds. The tutorial doesn't go very in-depth about controls, despite consisting entirely of "follow the line and shoot the targets."

Finally, the HUD. I can understand restricting the player's field of vision to combat motion sickness, but there's gotta be a better way of indicating where damage is coming from. Having a massive frowny face with a tiny arrow pop up in your face when you get hit only seems to add to the confusion, especially when you turn around to confront your threat only to realize they're right above you. Say nothing about immersion, this just breaks the whole system in my opinion.

All that said, for what it is, it isn't too bad. I can see it being quite popular when it releases. However, I will not be purchasing it when that happens.