View Full Version : Cheap temporary ballance changes

09-26-2018, 09:23 AM
I understand that balancing takes a long time, especially if you animate new moves. However, you could still even the gap a bit just by adjusting numbers. I write examples where you don't have to do anything, but rewrite some numbers in the codes. I don't know the exact coding, but it might take only an hour to at least give a temporary balance change.

Warden: increase the stamina cost of charged shoulderbash feints
Conqueror: minimize the shieldbash stamina drain, double its cost if missed
Peacekeeper: increase heavy damage numbers by five, increase her total stamina pool
Lawbringer: increase the damage of heavy attacks, increase his stamina pool
Centurion: decrease kick/jab stamina drain. Increase health pool to 140, increase ha jump damage to 40.
Gladiator: decrease zone damage to 15. Increase heavies to 35.
Raider: increase stunning tap's damage to 20, increase his stamina pool, increase his neutral zone to 32.
Berserker: decrease light attacks and zones' damage.
Warlord: increase the jumping heavy's damage to 40, his light riposte to 20, his top heavy to 30. Decrease zone to 20.
Valkyrie: increase heavy to 30, decrease lights minimally.
Shaman: decrease bite to 35, decrease zone first parts to 20.
Highlander: increase offensive lights to 15. Decrease offensive heavies to 35.
Kensei: nothing needed, maybe decrease zones a bit
Shugoki: increase light attacks to 20. Increase side heavy to 45, top to 50, charged to 65, increase stamina, increase health with one bar. Decrease critical demon's embrace damage to 40 from 2500.
Orochi: increase light chain's stamina cost. Increase riptide damage to 25. Increase top heavy damage to 40.
Nobushi: decrease hidden stance's stamina cost to minimal. Decrease the kick's stamina cost.
Shinobi: increase top heavy to 35, increase light stamina cost greatly.
Aramusha: increase light attacks stamina cost. Increase heavy damage slighty.

Just these would make the game a bit more fair to play until more complex balance changes.