View Full Version : PLEASE fix zone!

09-25-2018, 09:50 AM
Listen, I get it. Youíve heard this for a long time, but how is it STILL not fixed? I just recently got back into the game after taking season 6 off.

Iím not sure about PC but on console the zone input is STILL messed up. I donít even use it because half the time I just end up throwing a heavy. Here bud, want a free light? Yeah I donít want half my bar of stamina....

Now before I get a Dev on here like the LAST time telling me ďoh, well, you just have to figure it out in practice and yeah itís broken but if you do this crazy wierd delay on one button this way it works just fine and players are finding success doing it like thisĒ....yeah just save your breathe please. The mechanic DOESNT work as it is intended. I should be able to press both light and heavy simultaneously and never have a single problem.

This is far from the reality. I have to delay my light input at a very strange and awkward time to get it to work a coin toss of the time. You came out with remapping which is great, but also doesnít help because you canít remap zone to a single button (unless it changed recently in which case let me know).

Please just figure out a way to remap it to one button or even better, just fix the dang thing already please.

09-25-2018, 06:42 PM
Hes not wrong.