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09-24-2018, 07:21 PM
I was at work today and just thinking about the game, when I realized that it might be interesting if blocking had more to it than just moving your guard.

First of all, there would be multiple tiers of blocking.

Perfect block- Blocking right before you're hit, similar to the beta deflect mechanic.

Strong block (Active block)- When anyone but a reflex guard hero is holding their guard in a direction, such as moving to block an attack earlier than a perfect block would be triggered.

Glancing block (Reflex guard only)- The "strong block" for assassins, basically when an assassin blocks an attack. This is the only form of block for reflex guard heroes.

Weak block (passive block)- When a non-assassin doesn't move their guard to block, but an attack hits where there guard already lies.

The order above is important, as it goes from strongest to weakest in terms of defense. Block damage would increase the lower your block is on the list.

Perfect- 0% Block damage. may also give certain characters guarantees. Any character with a shield would get some form of bonus from performing a perfect block, perhaps similar to how lawbringer can do a shove on normal block. Perhaps Lawbringers shove could be directly chained off of this and guarantee a light, but wouldn't be usable off a "Strong" block. (If it was A VERY SMALL window for conqueror, and he was also nerfed from his current state, I could see him getting his free gb on block back in only this tier of block. It would be a weaker form of his full-guard.) "Dodge" blocks could also fall into this category, as they're similar to deflect and not as easy to pull off as normal blocking. Also, attacking a hero in full-guard mode would trigger a perfect block.

Strong- 5% Block damage. would be your basic form of blocking. I don't believe heroes should get guarantees from performing this, but I wouldn't be against certain ones being able to combo from it directly into attacks.

Glancing- 10% Block damage. unique to reflex guard heroes. I'm sure not many people would complain to a slight defense nerf universally to assassins.

Weak- 20% Block damage. While non-assassins should get an advantage over reflex guard, it shouldn't be near-immunity to normal damage on the side their guard is resting. I think its fair that if someone slams a weapon against yours or your shield and you aren't braced for it, you should take a chunk of damage from the impact. This would for example be 7 damage taken from a 35 damage heavy.

The "full block" you get while being ganked would be strong block for static guard heroes, and glancing block for reflex guard heroes.

These are just the coffee fueled thoughts of someone who hadn't slept much the previous night, so critique (or contribute to) it all you want.

09-24-2018, 07:23 PM
HAHAHA why would they do this? Lights are hard to block on console and you want to add a degree of block levels? Just no. No fighting game has this for good reason.

09-24-2018, 07:26 PM
HAHAHA why would they do this? Lights are hard to block on console and you want to add a degree of block levels? Just no. No fighting game has this for good reason.

This would effectively be a nerf to light spam if you aren't an assassin, as it's quite likely that blocking a very fast comboed light would result in a perfect block.

09-24-2018, 08:47 PM
I think every hero without a shield should have reflex guard. I also think that the first light attack in a chain shouldn't bounce off a block and should allow the attacker to throw their second light. I believe this would make the game better as the combat would be more fluid and it would allow people to redirect their second, faster light attack making turtling more difficult and opening the door to removing all the unblockable/bash spam we see the game creeping towards. Obviously heroes that don't currently have a light-light chain would need one but as it is I hate the way a blocked light attack resets the fight. It slows the pace of combat and takes away from the fluidity.

09-24-2018, 10:07 PM
Every hero sans shield heros should have reflex guard. standard guard characters without shields would get current assassin level of reflex decay. and assassins would get shinobi's decay. All chain starter moves would have the superior light property. Meaning blocking them wouldn't end the chain. All in combo attacks should be faster. chip should be added to lights and increased on heavies. Health and stamina pools should be bumped. Parrying should cost some stamina.