View Full Version : RGC Warrior Training Program for New or Struggling Warriors

09-24-2018, 05:02 PM
Hello Everyone,
I have been perusing the forums and see a bunch of the same-ole-same-ole. Newer player struggles. Vets say practice like we did, etc. etc. Ultimately they still struggle and the threads descend into flaming. So now I'm going to try to extend an olive branch. This game has a "Warrior Training Program" that comes about during free weekends to reward us older players for grouping up with f2ps. What I'm saying however is lets offer up some time if we have it to be able to help teach players and make everyone better at the game. I'm a full time student but on Saturdays I usually have free time (I work part time in the food business in a college town and its football season) and I'm willing to help out players who might be struggling with a certain mechanic, as or against a certain character, and so on. My PSN is my username here, first come first serve as I'm just one person, but anyone else willing to be a trainer, just drop your username down below.
See you on the battlefield!