View Full Version : Do Pilots, and Ships, get pairing bonuses?

09-24-2018, 03:04 AM
If I pair Levi Mcray, with the Scrammble, is there any advantage compared to putting Eli Arborwood, in the Scrammble instead?

09-24-2018, 10:14 AM
Not seen anything like this. However, pilots do have experience that they earn with a particular ship and weapon systems, so as you earn experience doing quests, etc., it will be put into the ship and the wepaon systems you were using at the time you earned the experience. Not sure the full detail about how this works but I imagine that if you use one pilot very heavily with a ship then if you swap to another pilot in that ship then they won't be as effective in it until they have earned the experience as well.

Does anyone have more information about the experience system and how it relates to ships and weapons?

09-25-2018, 05:59 PM
Hello hello!

You are correct neilvbell, there are no inherent benefits from pairing a pilot with a ship, however, as you use a pilot with a ship (earning XP from destroying enemies and accomplishing objectives), the pilot will gain experience with that ship, wings and weapons, affording bonuses to their efficacy. Individual ships, wings and weapons have different stats, so the effect of experience gains vary somewhat depending on your configuration parts. Pilots have separate experience meters for themselves to improve their own abilities - several pilot upgrades relate to their specific pilot ability (like, you can level up Mason's Orbital Strike to refresh more quickly after use) but some represent traits unique to the pilot (like Judge can add levels that increase his overall defense and make him a better tank).

09-26-2018, 04:21 PM
I am loving how in-depth this game is. As someone that likes an RPG-style character and gear improvemwent system, I find that I'm not interested in most spaceship games. This looks like it hits the mark on almost all of the things that I like PLUS it has spaceships. Wooh! Really interested to hear that the experience improves effectiveness of the various parts, although it will make things totally confusing when swapping pilots, ships and wings around. ;)
As a related question, is there enough experience available out there to decently level up a good number of pilots and ships or will we be having to select the favourites? As a completionist, I like to explore everywhere and use everything. I plan to buy quite a few of the physical ships (mainly for my son to play with) and I will then want to complete my collection digitally (to avoid marital strife with the cost of an entire physical collection).

SO excited. =D