View Full Version : Rank Mode Handicaps

09-24-2018, 12:25 AM
With some characters being more powerful than others I feel like their should be some kind of handicap or hidden equation that gives you more or less rank based on these wins. For example a conc who pretty much just counters everyone beats you and he is lower rank than you you will lose the same amount of points then if you lost to the same rank guy playing a raider. So if there was a hidden equation that knows the win rate percent of your character vs the other one then it could factor in this "handicap" function and give or take away rank points at a better balanced way. So if you beat a hero thats favored you will win more points, and if you lose to a hero thats favored you will lose less points, you get the idea... Since they are not really focusing on balance of these broken characters like the conc its very hard to play rank and move up unless your using these heroes. This would also make people less upset by losing to classes that are more op or just not getting the nerfs they deserve. I can't rank up very well because sometimes Ill get a conc or zerker that I really struggle against and then i lose 50% rank because they were in a lower league than me. The characters play too big of a role in this, (maybe even more than your rank vs your opponent), to not be factored into the equation in my opinion. The handicap would not be based on your personal win loss percents but the actual percents of rank duel overall players state of balance stats.

09-24-2018, 05:00 PM
Hero balance is a huge focus for the team. I really don't think it's likely that we'd punish/reward players for choosing certain heroes by handicapping their ranked gains. Especially when a lot of this is dependent on specific match-ups.