View Full Version : [SUGGESTIONS] Some more suggestions

09-23-2018, 09:26 PM
Show medal count on world map

Show progression percentage on world map

Add a simple track selecter slider too

Show UI/HUD on multiplayer with the time and faults

Show faults that players have/had on the multiplayer positioning HUD

Show if you got a new personal record when you finish a track on career mode

Show button inputs when you finish a track on career mode, [RESTART] [WATCH REPLAY] [CONTINUE]

Meters with medals on them on skill games like on Trials Evolution

A option where we can turn off players on loading screens

A option where we can add UI/HUDS from previous trials games on Trials Rising track central, HD HUD/UI, Evolution HUD/UI, Fusion HUD/UI, Trials of the Blood Dragon HUD/UI

Show a leaderboard with friends time and faults when you select a track like previous trials games. Add it on the results screen too

So yeah, these are my suggestions!:D

09-24-2018, 03:06 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, Knight!