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09-23-2018, 06:09 AM
I have been a big fan of the Knight characters ever since the drop of the game, why wouldn't anyone? Being able to immerse yourself in the role of the valiant knight as you cut down savage vikings and ruthless samurai at your friends side, it's a little kid's fantasy brought to life. Recent games have put the idea in my head for a character with a more brutal approach and past, the Spartan! Enlisted as small children and raised to become the ultimate warrior the Spartan is a warrior to fear and respect, utilizing a sword/spear & shield combo the Spartan stands true in the face of his enemies. While most think the Spartan only used spears they are wrong for they utilized swords to engage in close combat (which honestly I would prefer so he wouldn't just be a Valkyrie copy). On to the other ideas, I've seen videos on what's rumored to be new voice lines for the characters (don't know if it's an actual thing) but i head the one for Warden and I was cringing at every line. I don't understand how one goes from sounding like a seasoned middle age man to suddenly sounding like a young man in the early 20s range who spends a lot of time in the local pub boasting his stories. With this in mind I think it would be a great idea to have multiple voice options so players can have the opportunity to make their character in the image they want. For instance I have three warden presets that i like to use for different roles i want to play P,1 uses the Raging Inferno outfit to have a demon persona, P.2 Wears the Lionheart set to look like a king (btw the Howard Blade goes SO nicely with the role), and P.3 uses Horselord for a sorta Cavalry role. I would love to have different voices for my Warden to help amplify my experience with these roles. Last thing, this is an issue I want to address that i know other non-toxic casuals agree with, but release the nerfs and buffs for characters sooner! My friends and I along with everyone on youtube who post videos about why Metas are seriously broken are tired of waiting for months on end for the seriously needed nerfs and buffs. Stop claiming your ames are balanced when we are showing you how they are not balanced!

09-23-2018, 06:34 AM
No thanks.
I would enjoy more knights-like characters.
Spartan hero would be too similar with Centurion.
What kins of moveset he will have?
Spartan Kick? We already have this move in game.
Spartan Punch? Hm....
Spartan Catapult? HELL NO.

09-23-2018, 06:53 AM
Ok dude, chill you're thinking that the Spartan is gonna be another bully type character LIKE Centurion. If you know your history the Spartan army of 500 stood against armies much larger than them and came out on top on many occasions, now why is that? They were defense heavy, utilizing their shield to block and bash to knock their enemy off guard to then move in and take advantage of the opening with their spear or sword. Yes maybe they used kicks, but trust me their shield was not light enough to dodge and punch like the gladiator with his buckler which is much smaller and way lighter. He could be used in 2v1 scenarios using his shield to push back the enemy and supply your teammate with a companion they rely on to stay alive and be a distraction while they lay in the bulk of the attacks, and when the enemy turns their focus to your companion who is laying attacks on them you can then go on the offensive and lay some of your own light/heavies when they open themselves up to you.

09-23-2018, 06:54 AM
Sorry i should've said "would" instead of "gonna" in that first sentence.