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09-22-2018, 03:47 PM
I took it upon myself to read every post in this sub forum to compile nearly every post into this Mega thread. I left out minor things that will likely be fixed in the full release or things that are already in the game that went unnoticed by thread posters, such as disabling ghost. Also excluding post that were giberish and made no sense or weren't explained well enough. Feel free to post here and I will add or amend the original post. The purpose of this 'Mega Thread' is to hopefully help steer the next 5 months of development of Trials Rising in a community feedback driven direction that will make Rising the best possible game it can be. In the end it's up to RedLynx and their parent company Ubisoft whom will ultimately decide the finished product, however given there's still plenty of time left, our community can not only voice our concerns, but also help in fixing issues that will hinder Rising from being the greatest installation in the series. Personally I'd be fine with extending the release date by a year if it meant a superior, more polished and finished game. God knows Rockstar does this every release, I reserved Red Dead 2 over 2 years ago, they change the realease date like I change my oil filter - on a nearly monthly basis, but for good reason. Major bugs, exploits or graphical glitches, etc... So it begins.

The Rhino seems to be far more agile than the Roach which is a great change, but the Mantis has a less springy suspension than the Pit Viper making techniques such as the back wheel hop (Bunny hopping off the back wheel) and brake flips (Leaning forward, hitting the brake whilst leaning back to flip over a ramp or hook the back tire so as to minimize slowing down on an obstacle) far more difficult than in Fusion. However an improvement to the Mantis is it's vetical wall grip, useful for ninja incline tracks. The stationary Hop (bunny hopping in place) is also still possible but for a lesser period of time. The Mantis seems to have gain more surface torque at the cost of agility in air and on ground.

The tire Glitch is still a problem. On the first track you play in the closed beta 'Trials Yonkers' on the first downward slope your tire can and often will catch in 3 spots before you even reach the bottom. However this seems to mostly be a wooden plank object and or wooden ramp problem present in every Trials game to date. It's only noticed by speedrunners, but speedrunners are Trials core audience. Conversely there seems to be almost no tire glitches on the wooden plank track 'On the Edge'. There's a curved drivingline bug or tire glitch on the track 'Hard Hat Zone' after the 5th checkpoint on the downward most point that causes the front tire to wobble or become caught.

The Helmet is still useless. It offers almost no protection from head bumps. On even mild or light impacts you'll fault. I wouldn't want to head hop like in Trials HD, however Trials being the real world physics game that it is, A slight brush atop my head shouldn't cause a fault.

Rider physics. We would like to break bones after a bail out colliding with a wall at high speed rendering the rider paralyized so they're unable to to worm themselves across the floor.

A toggle for new advanced Ninja bike controls. Controls such as brakes independent of reverse. These more realistic brakes would allow us to do Stationary bunny hops (bunny hopping in place on the back wheel) easier. You could stop on any surface without rolling backward or forward including on inclines/declines 'like in real life trials'. You could control wheelie descents easier. Up and Down on the analog stick or keyboard could cause the rider to stand (up press) or sit (down press). This would add a new rider caused bunny hop by quickly shifting the riders weight upwards from sitting position. If there was a sliding range of positions from standing to sitting it would allow for carefully sitting and shifting weight on a steep incline. As it currently is leaning back on the same incline would shift/rotate your weight backwards causing you to fault. With these added and toggled up/down rider positions you could load the bikes shocks differently when landing using your riders weight by pressing down to gain more height for the next jump. Overall it would allow for more bike control. High and Low gear settings connected to unused buttons. Low gear would be useful for higher acceleration on inclines or on small platforms where you have no room to gain momentum. Low gear would allow for faster rotation whilst in mid air doing a flip as you hold throttle and rapidly tap brake. High gear would be similar to current Rising bike behavior. When active you would reach the bikes normal top speed. Low gear = acceleration, agility and High gear = power and speed. As a toggle the core gameplay would remain, but allow advanced riders to do more and control the bike more precisely as an option.

Ubisoft games outfits e.g. Far Cry and Assassins Creed outfits.

Curve and warp the shape of stickers. e.g. Bending the letter I into a letter U.

Loot Boxes. Some want them removed entirely, some see them as being done right. Servers cost a lot of money to maintain and even Trials HD servers are still live so loot boxes can cover the cost for Rising servers.

- They're cosmetic only and give no advantage.
- They can be gained in-game through progression and contracts.
- Duplicates can be sold for Lynx Coins to buy more boxes.
- Instead of grinding for acorns to buy cosmetics, you have a chance to get outfits w/o the hassle of grinding for months to buy one item.

- Loot boxes teach kids to become gamblers with their real life money (Parents money and their own when they reach adulthood.)
- Too many duplicates items.
- The box alone reminds people of corporate greed displayed so vividly by EA games on the Star Wars battle front games.
- Loot boxes set in place a series of inevitable actions that will likely take place in the future. A standard or wall once breached opening into a profit driven model devoid of empathy for ones own community and thus forth only concerned with the bottom line.

- Remove the loot box and replace it with a squirrel in a tree dropping an acorn which breaks on the ground releasing items. A different shape, a different animation.
- If you are to pay for these cosmetics they should only contain legendary and rare items with no duplicates.
- If you are to buy them they should hold some only purchasable items that can't be unlocked in-game for the fairness of people that spent money.
- Remove loot boxes altogether replacing them with the Trials Fusion model of acorns.
- In two words 'Treasure Acorns'.

T-shirt stamps and or stickers that can be stamped to the rider's body as tattoos. Gear from the older Trials games.

Cosmetic item Trading between players for in-game currency.

Lock option for inventory items so as to avoid accidently selling them.

Textured stickers. e.g. Skin, scales, or fur.

A sticker that can be placed on the rider that creates an invisible property that allows you to see through the rider into the background.

Programmable stickers for track creators. Get a fault on their track gain a face scar or dirty clothes.

Full body suits and or outfits. e.g. gorilla, panda, alligator or fat bunny. Anba skin, dev skins.

Place multiple accessories on the helmet option.

Scaleable body shapes. e.g. Fat tall guy, short muscular woman, massive head tiny torso dude. Without effecting in-game physics.

Custom created accessories.

Filter newly unlocked stickers to the top of the sticker list in every sub category.

Save stickers in groups, orientation and layout to be used on other outfits or to be shared to other players. Sold for a modest sum.

Auto sell duplicate item option.

Undo function in sticker customization.

A seperate flat surface to create custom stickers.

Change the lock icon on locked stickers to a different color so newly unlocked stickers are more easy to discern.

Tab cycling disabled during editing. So you don't accidently lose your progress in the sticker editor.

Paintbrush, Spraypaint brush with built in color selecter and scaleable in size so you could spray mist or make fine lines. The ability to select one sticker at a time to paint or a general paint everything under the sticker option. The ability to stamp these and maybe even glow in the dark paint.

Add a bike speed, handling, agility, acceleration, and difficulty status meter when you select a bike from previous trials games on Trials Rising, it would be helpful because people won't know which bike to use and bike descriptions wouldn't help.

Bike stats in garage shown in bar categories during selection. e.g. Top Speed, Acceleration, Agility, Weight, Tire Grip, braking and etc...

Choose the music that plays during gmaplay in a playlist menu or switch to next/last song using a unutilized button.

Snap to next track option for the world map.

World location educational information about that specific area.

Music from that area of the world map, maybe even cultural music, it must be cheap to buy rights to anthems or 500 year old music, maybe even free if it's outside of copyright. e.g. Korpiklaani's song Wooden pints for Finland. <3 that song.

Choose checkpoint feature similar to the editor. You could skip ahead or go back at the press of a button to train at individual checkpoints. It would disable your replay but allow for intense practice.

Disable animations option for increasing load times.

Disable countdown 'ready, go' on restart option. Speedrunners already know their position and throttle. There's no need for the countdown timer. A minor annoyance to the best riders. B button restart. A disable checkpoints speedrun mode option.

A side bar on the world map listing tracks descending from beginner to extreme for ease of access.

Progress bar for single player.

Less fog on tracks and on the loading screen.

A clearly defined progression on the map so we know which contract or which track to play next. Also level progression tied into personal best times displayed.

Change 'Defeated' to 'Rival defeated' at the end of a competitive contract.

The ability to change your bike in the pause menu without having to exit the track.

Slow motion, fast forward and rewind on replays.

Ninja category instead of ninja tag. A difficulty setting for track creators.

Brightness calibration tool in the menu.

Turn off ghost with a single press added on top of the slider options.

Auto-mute music when changing windows on PC or using ALT-TAB.

Map icons greyed out, hover over them to know the requirement to unlock the greyed out track.

Fix the restart delay and exit track delay and overall loading time optimization.

A button that takes you to the main menu in one press, maybe the start button.

Ability to change the gamepad image for PC players from ps4 to xb1 controllers in the gamepad menu.

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond colored ghost so new players can visually equate their next medal goal during a race.

Show medal count on world map and progression percentage on world map.

Option to turn off players in the loading screens.

A toggle for fast forwarding replays so you don't have to hold a button down.

Bring back Trials Evolution's Rival system.

Increase text size on leaderboards.

Uplay friends as a leaderboard category.

Leaderboard player search.

Challenger times based off most recent run. I may take hours to get a Diamond time it doesn't mean I can be so consistent that I can reproduce my best time always. The challenges were giving me challengers that were with-in 2 seconds of my best time and their time decreases through all 3 stages making it impossible for me to win. Conversely I also ran into challenges where if I didn't fault I was 30 seconds ahead of my challenger. It requires balancing.

Finishline stats and personal best displayed.

Friends leaderboard overlayed when hovering over a track, Also shown at the end of a track.

A Leaderboard Icon that shows which bike was used or a seperate bike leaderboard. e.g. best time Donkey, best time Rhino.

Some of the Diamond times need to be nerfed back a bit not all, but for example on UK UP with a flawless speedrun you'll still likely be a full second too slow. Most Diamond times feel like they were set by a top 10 speedrunner. Likely at their current times 500 - 1000 people in the world will ever be able achieve them all and those 500/1k will likely all be multiple year Veterans with years of speedrunning practice leaving the vast majority of players unable to unlock them without years of practice.

A distance tracker on bomb boncer.

Public / Private Bike Game mode(s). Position 1 gets the slowest available bike and the last position the fastest available bike, once the positions change the bikes change aswell or All available bikes on a track cycle through on each checkpoint.

Goofy contracts like in Fusion. Carry a bomb, swing from a tree after a bail out.

Solid ground on Bomb Bouncer so the rider doesn't clip into the ground.

Unicycle skill game, backhoe skill game, running squirrel skill game, etc...

Bring back the SPHERE skill game from Trials Evo.

Medals showing the necessary distance requirements on the HUD during a skill game.

Bring back skill games HD Ring of fire, In Flames, Down the Stairs, Hardwheeling, Delivery, Giant Bomb, Outside the Ball. From Evo Freestyler, Balls of Steel, Balance of Power, Cruise Control, Mr.Vertigo. From Fusion Triathlon, Ice Climb, Infinite Trials, Freefall, The Tower. From Blood Dragon The Jetpack one, RC Car, Grappling hook.

New mode Four player Tandem. (4 riders one bike).

Add a tournament mode like the one where you select a series of tracks and move on to the next tournament like on Trials HD and Trials Evolution, not Trials Fusion but we might see the community/user-shared tournament mode where we win prizes like acorns and xp from Trials Fusion on Trials Rising.


Object Array tool with up to 100 spaces to select specifc objects in a group, glued or just many objects to feed through specific fliters and events as in object 1 visiblity, object 99 color change. All tied to one trigger as to cut out tons of manual work with tons of individual filters, triggers and data sources. e.g. a massive glued object that breaks apart toward the rider. This tool would allow you to set different conditions for each individual object in the cluster.

System clock data source (realtime & date). You could set reallife data for day/night cycles and weather on your track making it unique every time someone rides it.

A new General Realtime Data source tool that can know the 3D position and vector of the rider/bike no matter if the player is slow, fast or mid backflip at the exact area a background object will interact with the rider. So instead of manually finding these positions and vectors it would mimic in unison and or react to the trider in realtime with only one data source tool. Automatically set without user input. This tool would allow for animations to interact with the rider whether they're slow or a speedrunner at the same spot everytime. It would also allow for background objects to follow exact animation sequences at specific times no matter the riders speed without having to manually time each instance or task. Sorry if I got this wrong. The post was over my head, but I tired to explain it the best I could.

More surface instances that affect traction and torque. Ice, Dust, Glass, Metal and Pavement.

Accumulated rider and bike damage from faults or time driven.

MultiAnimation object position event with options to set a list of steps.

Object scailing and warping in all 3 dimensions. Once warped the edges of the object can interact with the rider without clipping.

Metric ticks/nudging to line up objects and move them in very small increments. Useful for console creators. Not a snap, but a frame sized tick to line up and orientate objects.

Snap to edge feature between objects to easily line up ramps.

Custom costumes for user tracks, so a player automatically wears a costume the track creator intended to be worn on their track.

Tag search to find user tracks or track types easier.

Object sharing. Custom animations and logic circuits people could share with others to use in their track creations. Tag the custom objects and animations in the discription of the track giving credit to the original creator of the object. Object contributor name tagged. Currency used to buy said objects given to the creator of said object.
Sort items in Editor to find objects easier by size, color, material, type and decoration category. Ability to reorganize editor object positions into your own categories.

A more extensive favorites and custom object category.

A pause sequence task tool. (1,2,3,4, pause, continue, 5,6,7,8) Pause without resetting an animation sequence. Starting from race start, pausing the game for 10 minutes to have the sequence finish it's original timed order after continuing.

Water melons, Pumpkins, falling leaves and other nature based objects for the editor object selection menu.

Option to have and use the Fusion, Evo, HD and Blood Dragon HUD/UI on our user created tracks.

Manually set values in a regular vector that has more than 3 elements (indices X,Y,Z), the same way you can in a 2D vector. The ability to tie cells/elements within a 2D vector (matrix) to a data source which can change dynamically.

In-Game TV screens and monitors that display the view of any custom camera they're linked to even cameras that are moving or animated. Also linked to object arrays/pointers which can be controlled by variables to change which camera outputs to the screen(s).

An additional option for State Events. A 'Reset' option to instantly reset the state event's target simulating turning it off then on again. e.g. Currently you need 2 impluses targeting a state event that is set to toggle or 2 state events, one set to 'on' and one set to 'off' to reset a curve data source. A 'Reset' option would bypass the need to do what is mentioned in this example.

A 'Reset' option for all tools that have on, off and toggle as options, Also reset & keep state, reset & enable and reset & disable options built into these tools.

A tool event to save the riders progress on a track to be loaded on the next play. Useful for skill games, RPG, FPS themed and even ninja tracks. This event should be triggered by normal means (area/interval triggers etc...) so saving is decided by the creator, instead of the rider. With-in this tool's options should include Only save data sources, Object placements in X,Y,Z, checkpoint progression (if a bike based track), player X,Y,Z location in the world for RPG, FPS theme type creations and combinations of the above options. Corresponding events to Load/Delete Save files. Multiple save files that save the Obejcts/Rider/Data source states unique to progression.

Cooperative track building through asynchronous contributions (multiple builders) to a single track.The original creator would have an "allowed to edit" list of players. These players could download the latest version of the 'cooperative track' edit it, then share their versions. After the original creator decides which versions are accepted e.g. Player A & Player B's changes are accepted, but Player C's are not. Rising Auto-detects these changes and merges the different versions with the original to make a 'Master and or Latest version' of the 'cooperative track'. The Orginal creator should have access to multiple versions in seperate files so the track can be reverted to a previous version at any point. Another way would be to only allow one of the allowed builders to edit at a time. So merging different versions is unnecessary. Coop tracks should list the contributor names (unless they opt-out) after the track has been uploaded to Track Central.

The ability to name individual Variable data sources or every toolcard. Named variables are automatically linked and share the same values if they have the same name. Useful for cleaner logic circuits, removing the need for green arrows showing connections. This naming feature would also be useful for other tools like object arrays and vectors.

A pop up Comment and or Sticky Note tool that allows you to write notes for reminders about logic circuits you've made. These Note tools could be connected to triggers for showing messages to riders in a tutorial track. The option menu of this tool should include options to freeze game when the message pops up, adjust message text size, opacity, font, placement, color, message duration and skip message option. The skip option can be disabled by the creator.

Paintbrush & spraypaint tool that's scaleable with a color selector, glow in the dark paint. An emission slider and a lock to one object or paint all objects option.

The ability to dynamically change the variation of an object with data sources and operators as well as tir the variation slider into the variation event to a data source or operation. This would allow you to bypass needing 26 variation events for letters to change to any of the 26 letters.

The emission slider for some objects that emit light such as primes should be able to be affected while the game is running. It should be the 4th element of a vector, with the first 3 being RGB, roughness can be the 5th element. Changeable with certain events.

The ability to play user tracks offline and some way to download tracks when the servers are down. Maybe through friend sharing.

Terrain tool. Add paintbrush/texture option so you could paint terrain or add/smooth layers to make tunnels & overhangs. Instead of an area terrain tool you coul drag it thus painting vast areas. The painted area should be viewable at 50 meters and the underlying map shouldn't show above what you painted. Snapping option like objects have in increments to make it easier to lay out straight roads.

The ability to have vector operators and scalers work with 2D vectors (matrices) or a new matrix operator tool.

Integrated Area Selector. Bring up the area selector when using the multiselect button by pressing an additional button. This should also work whilst selecting targets for events, object arrays, operators, data sources, etc...

Value adjustment/Keypad. When adjusting values for data sources like the variable data source and operations there should be a button to hold to adjust by whole units instead of hundredths. A keypad to type the exact number you want.

Pull data from arrays tool. If an object array has data sources with-in it the object getter tool should not only be able to represent those data sources as a traget to modify, but also as a target to pull data from.

Show values on checkboxes and sliders
Slider: I always have to count in my head (0,1,2,3,4,5) to know the value i need to change a slider to the position i want.
Something like this on the right (original on the left for comparison)
Checkbox: If you show that 0 means Off and 1 means On it helps to understand how it works and that you can use datasources to change it.

Hold the A button to pass the impulse through to multiple filters/events
In Fusion you need to go to the properties of every single event/filter and select the next one. If you hold the A button you should be able to pass the impulse through the next event, next filter, next event etc. The impulse arrows move to the crosshair, so you know that youīre now choosing multiple targets. B button confirms your selection, the X button resets your selection.

Allow hundreth values everywhere it makes sense
I take the curved datasource as an example. You want to set 1.36? Then you need to tie a variable datasource to it. Why? Just let me set that value in the curved datasource.

Emission slider from 0.00% to 100.00%

Hidden but Always-on snapping grid for toolcards only
I want to keep my scripts organized. By pressing the right stick you snap toolcards to a grid, that only works with toolcards.

Multiple physics bubbles.

Split A / RT

Split X / RT

Split Dpad / Left Stick

Move pivots on any object (no glued group)

Free roation on pivot points.

Allow impulses before the 3,2,1 GO counter.

Animate the gamecamera.

Layers disabled by default, enable them optional in the editor settings.

Show the riders hitpoints in the testride and in the game variable datasource.

Select controller icons for skillgames instructions
In Evo/Fusion you need to know the commands like %button_x% if you want to show button icons for instructions. Just let us select these icons from a list.

Enable/disable the function of checkpoints.

visible/invisible checkpoints.

Drivingline position?
This one is a little complicated to explain. In the player event you can choose "Reset to Driving Line", the drivingline position is defined from 0% to 100%. But the distance operator just shows the the position in meters and you have to calculate the percentage by yourself please make that easier.

Color event rbg output. We can use rbg vector input, but there is no rbg ouput. Show rbg values while changing the color wheel and display these values on the toolcard icon.

Area clear. If we want to increase the size to hide many base world objects we have to hold the trigger for minutes. Let us define the size with values.

Soundsource: Random variations [on/off]. Some sounds do have different variations every time theyīre played. Depending on what you want to build this can be annoying.

Game variable data source: Trigger values In Fusion the gas value goes from 0 to 7 and the brake value from 0 to 3 for whatever reason. Each trigger value should go from 0 to 100.

Time event.Set how fast the gameclock and the gameplay is running (100% is the standard) by that you would be able to achieve slowmotion.

Copy value event (same as copy vector event).

Editor menu/UI. Since the editor got itīs own menu i wonder what could be in there. The editor itself, Tutorials and 'Work in progress' Upload unfinished tracks and let the community help you.

A slider to adjust the Volume of different Elements. e.g. When you build a 2D-ish Track you have to move the camera really far from the driving line which makes the bike really hard to hear, so it would be nice if we could adjust the volume of the bike or place a microphone like we can place a camera. Monsoon Rain in Fusion which is annoyingly loud. Would be great if we could tone that down.

Place sound Effects like Echoes and stuff like when your track is in a cave or something.

Hide contract info from screen.

On replays show trigger pull value in percentage. e.g. 67% throttle. This would help new players or ninja riders on how to tackle inclines.

Personal best shown on the progress bar.

Next medal on the progress bar displayed as a moving medal.

Faults are gone, but could you show the time penality gained and my best time at the end of a track.

Display resume (continue) and restart button on screen.

Increase the size of the skip contract button.

Show restart, continue and watch replay buttons when you finish a track in career mode, right after the race is finished like in Fusion.

Add track descriptions from previous trials games where you select a track on Trials Rising.

Music from other Trials games.

Turn off music in the pause menu with a single press. On in menus off during a race option.

Display track name on screen briefly when the music track changes.

Create our own playlist of the in-game music for racing.

More music per area, longer songs.

Songs don't restart during speedrunning.

Recommend user tracks to friends option.

Sticker Central. Share stickers with the community.

Notification when a rider finishes the track.

Track voting.

Randomizes multiplayer tracks with single player and user creations.

Bring back DNF (Did not finish).

Weekly multiplayer playlist ranging from easy to extreme days.

Show the bike others selected before the race starts and before the bike selection timer runs out.

No unplayed tracks. If a rider or riders hasn't played the upcoming multiplayer track then it's replaced by a track everyone has played to avoid an unfair advantage.

Track parameter voting (wheelie, no brakes, no leaning, invisible or burning) Turn a normal multiplayer game into a skill game instantly through a vote.

Track suggestions forwarded to the host in private matches. Allow the host to watch a replay of the suggested track without abandoning host.

Penalise Quitters.

Use rank and overall single player medals to determine matchmaking connection as to avoid putting noobs with vets, or vets with top speedrunners.

Increase the size of the voted track Panel, decrease the size of the one that lost the vote as to avoid picking the wrong bike.

Speed boost for perfectly timed front flips and or speedrunning well.

Show time and faults other players have on the multiplayer position HUD/UI.

Show on screen both players button inputs.

Tandem ghost.

Tandem leaderboard.

4 Tandem supercross.

Last Updated: 10/3/2018

eH reH eH reH
09-22-2018, 03:48 PM

09-23-2018, 09:18 PM
I agreed with everything you just said:D
They should also bring back SPHERE as a skill game on Trials Rising because that skill game is awesome
oh also

Show medal count on world map
Show UI/HUD on multiplayer with the time and faults
Show faults that players have/had on the multiplayer positioning HUD
Show if you got a new personal record when you finish a track on career mode
Show button inputs when you finish a track on career mode, [RESTART] [WATCH REPLAY] [CONTINUE]
Meters with medals on them on skill games
A option where we can add UI/HUDS from previous trials games on the Trials Rising track central, HD HUD/UI, Evolution HUD/UI, Fusion HUD/UI, Trials of the Blood Dragon HUD/UI

eH reH eH reH
09-24-2018, 09:51 AM
I agreed with everything you just said:D

I only put a few things on the list myself. This list is compiled from every post in the suggestion sub forum and orgaznied into sub categorys with bullet points for easier reading, unfortunately the double spacing wouldn't stick so I alternated text coloring to alleviate clutter. It will make someones job much easier, but also allow for the communtiy to see every suggestion on one page without spending hours reading through every page and post individually. I'm going to try and keep it up to date whenever I have free time. Anyway your suggestions have been added.

09-24-2018, 03:07 PM
Thanks for putting this together! Future reference, Please don't change the font or sizes cause it makes it really hard on my eyes and I have a difficult time reading it. THANKS! :)

09-24-2018, 09:19 PM
Thanks eH reH eH reH! Also UbiKeeba replied to your suggestion thread, this suggestion thread:).

09-24-2018, 09:22 PM
Also I meant the S.P.H.E.R.E ball skill game from Trials Evolution, not Trials HD.

09-24-2018, 10:30 PM
sorry if i might sound like a hater, but i have to reply on this. i do respect your effort putting this together, i really do, but please donīt change ideas others posted already so they donīt make sense anymore.

Bike swap mode. Whomever is in first is switched to the slowest bike, whomevers in last the fastest bike. Changing due to in race rank position and at checkpoints.

in this example you mixed different suggestions together. i gave 2 different suggestions about a possible new mode for public and private multiplayer. this has nothing to do with skillgames or contracts. in the career you play alone (ghosts are no real players) so there are no different positions. and what if i disable the ghosts? ;) guess you know what i mean

[Public / Private] Bike Game
Position 1 gets the slowest available bike and the last position the fastest available bike, once the positions change the bikes change aswellor

All available bikes on a track cycle through on each checkpoint

furthermore some ideas you left out could still make sense, even if you personally may think different. in a megathread like this i would prefer to see ALL suggestions and let the devs decide. thanks :)

eH reH eH reH
10-03-2018, 07:15 PM
sorry if i might sound like a hater, but i have to reply on this. i do respect your effort putting this together, i really do, but please donīt change ideas others posted already so they donīt make sense anymore.
furthermore some ideas you left out could still make sense, even if you personally may think different. in a megathread like this i would prefer to see ALL suggestions and let the devs decide. thanks :)
Well the problem is some post are by people who speak English as a 2nd language and the syntax of English was misused in several post making them almost sound like gibberish. I don't say that to be mean I'm very impressed by anyone that can speak multiple languages, I can't. However I'm trying to make this Mega post as clear and concise as I can to the benefit of the devolopers and other community members. I often re-read paragraphs multiple times to try and make sense of them before posting. You may disagree, but I feel I did a pretty good job of fixing poor syntax whilst also conveying the original posters descriptive meaning. I tried to avoid this with Editor suggestions because I'm not knowledgable on many of the tools, logic circuits and array usages. The other thing I needed to do was condense massive post using less words, otherwise this mega post would become obsurdly long and cluttered.

I added 'New Modes' under the skill game & contract category. Honestly I was just tired and wasn't sure where to put your post at the time. I'll change the name of your mode idea from 'bike swap' to yours 'bike game' as well after this reply. I didn't notice you meant two different modes, but I'll change it. However our descriptions are exactly the same but worded differently, the only difference being that you meant two modes instead of one.

A lot of post were duplicate ideas already listed and I only left out maybe two ideas that were too hard to understand because of poor syntax. However if they don't see their suggestion listed and would like to reword them in a more concise manner I'd be happy to add them. No offence meant.

Thanks for putting this together! Future reference, Please don't change the font or sizes cause it makes it really hard on my eyes and I have a difficult time reading it. THANKS! :) I made the size 3 so the letters would be larger and easier to see. I can remove it though or is it fine as is?

Also I meant the S.P.H.E.R.E ball skill game from Trials Evolution, not Trials HD.


eH reH eH reH
10-03-2018, 07:44 PM
I don't have a PC right now so I've been hand writing your suggestions/replys to your post's down by reading them off my phone then when I go over a friends house typing them all out. It's been over a week since I udated this last and there's been some truely massive post. In the future I'm mostly going to copy/paste unless I really have no choice but to condense huge post with way too many words. I'll continue to do my best in keeping the descriptive meaning of these huge post whilst condensing them, but if you can write them in a more concise and 'to the point' manner it would save me a lot of trouble.

Also having read everything in this suggestion sub forum I can tell you UbiKeeba has read and responded to all of them excluding some of the most resent ones (which I'm sure UbiKeeba will soon), so there's no need to worry that your suggestion somehow went unheard if it's worded slightly different or shortened in this mega thread or not listed. {take notice this mega thread hasn't been stickied} This thread is more a tool to use to know what has already been posted, to see if an idea you have has already been suggested. Also it's so RedLynx and the community has an overview on one page instead having to read 8 pages of post.

10-03-2018, 11:27 PM
Thanks for adding some of my recent suggestions in :D

10-04-2018, 03:53 PM

suggestion 1
suggestion 2
suggestion 3
this could be useful to get a better overview :)