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09-22-2018, 12:30 PM
How helpful is block damage ACTUALLY?

If Iím not mistaken, the base is something like 18/20% and the gear stat percentage just take the percent of that 20% right?

My understanding: say I throw a heavy of 25 damage. 20% makes that 5 damage. If I max out my block damage at (rough rounding) 75%, the attack would do 75% additional of that 5%, so about 8/9% total. Damage per blocked hit. Is this correct?

Can anyone who runs a high block damage attest to its helpfulness or is it just useless like everyone suggests? I mean, to be fair, a 40 damage heavy blocked by this calculation would do more damage than a few characters light attacks if Iím not mistaken:
40 damage total, 18% standard chip damage, 68.8% for primary block damage stat:
(40x0.18)->7.2(0.688)-> 4.95+ 7.2 for total of 12.15 chip damage.

I ask this because with most players running close to 0 defense because of Def Pen, perhaps itís not such a bad idea to run block damage instead to get more out of your gear? The more I play the game, the more I wonder if we all have just written block damage off as mostly useless because parrying is a thing but it seems like it could be more helpful with big characters or fast chain characters like berserker and aramusha than people believe. Thoughts and comments?

09-22-2018, 01:52 PM
It will be gone on the 15th of October, so don't worry about it, to be honest.