View Full Version : Ideas to Punish Deathstackers in Dominion

09-21-2018, 08:31 PM
Ok, so lets be real here, premade teams and people who herd up are absolutely ruining Dominion. So I think there is a fair and easy solution to this in the already set in abilities options.

What should happen in Dominion to make the gamemode more fun is actually quite simple. Any team who is deathstacking should get a drastic reduction in the rep they gain in match (as in, if all four are attacking 1 target, each of them get 10% of what they would otherwise get) while the ones who are playing Dominion as it should be played get a dramatic increase to their rep gain (something enough to quickly rocket them up the chart for abilities) so that they can get access to their abilities and more powerful AoE abilities considerably sooner than the deathstacking team. Essentially, if a orange team is regularly death stacking around and making the game unenjoyable, suddenly the other team gets their AoE like catapult, arrow storm and fire flask considerably sooner to punish them in a way that makes them either begin to lose at a more rapid rate from their tactic, or forces them to play properly.

Only other things to add is that I would make the 4th ability (the large damage AoE) uninterruptible to guarantee the deathstackers have to eat their medicine. To add to it, it would also be prudent to have the cooldown of those AoE abilities reset at a faster rate depending on the other team and if it continued deathstacking.

Honestly, I think this would be an easy fix for Dominion that would make it more enjoyable as it would be a great deterent to people wanting to run around in 4 man deathsquads and make the game unenjoyable for everyone not them. Honestly, it would not effect anyone who wants to enjoy the game mode as an actual game mode instead of 'Blob simulator 2018'. As long as you don't deathstack, I don't see it having bad consequences. It's one thing to lose because you were outplayed. It's another thing to lose because the enemy team plays like a bunch of cowards and hides in it's group to make the game entirely unenjoyable.

Personally, it would be incredibly enjoyable to watch more catapults, fire flasks and arrow storms kill this plague in the game.

09-21-2018, 09:42 PM
"Playing Dominion as it should be played?" I hate fighting groups as much as any other person, but to say that is "the wrong way to play" is just wrong. It's a team 4v4 mode. If you want 1v1 then play duel, want it with gear stats play Elimination (Good luck with that one). While I like the idea of countering the snowball feat effect that comes from stacking, I as a player should not be rewarded for running to the other team to get myself killed to get my feats. If I could play LB and get all of my bombs by sprinting to the enemy spawn at the start of the match and just running over again and again on death to farm renown then everyone simply would too.

09-22-2018, 11:39 AM
As much as I dislike snowballing too as it makes it Unfun sometimes, dominion is more about being able to hold 2/3 points and thus gain more points per second than who died the least or got the most kills.

Itís cool if my team is getting completely obliterated each time they run into enemy if they understand how to play dominion. assuming we all go for different points and the enemy is running around in a massive group, we will always hold 2/3 points for the most part with at least 1 guaranteed to be getting boosted. Thatís 3 points per second versus 1. Similarly, The longer 1 player can hold off the hoard on a point the enemy has if the enemy comes back to said point before you cap it, you still stop the progression of them gaining points from that particular objective. Assuming they just capped a point and returned to this point before you could counter cap it, they still only gain 1 per second due to you contesting they second point they own while other friendlies will be capping the other, and youíll break even and match those 1 per second or be boosting for 2 points per second. If you can manage to hold the enemy off for a second, the team mates could possible cap both other points. Hell if youíre lucky you can be boosting both for 4 points per second while you take one for the team and get your s#%* pushed in. Part of the reason K/D ratio for this game is super misleading. Sometimes getting the snot beat out of you by the whole enemy team is the best you can do for the team.

Thatís how dominion works. Itís all about crunching numbers. Itís not skirmish. You donít win by strictly killing. It has objectives for a reason. Granted, Iíll give you this: very minimum amount of maps are really small and thus this way of play doesnít work quite as well. Youíll need to hold enemy off better than average players in this case.