View Full Version : Can potential allies be wiped out before you ever have a chance to meet/save them?

09-21-2018, 02:02 PM
Hard to explain clearly but I am into fully exploring areas before moving on. Since there are places where potential allies are under attack (either by legion or by outlaws) I assume that if you ignore them then they could be wiped out by your lack of assistance and so you lose that potential ally (or at least source of experience and rewards by saving them). How much time do you have before you are at serious risk of large numbers of these little battles being over before you get to them or do they only activate once you are nearby (or at elast get to that planet)?

Hope that makes sense. I am primarily wanting to know whether my slow compelte exploration of the first planets will result in the legion having totally taken over all the other planets by the time I get there. I just want to know that my ambling sight-seeing approach to heroism won't have doomed Atlas and leave me having to restart the game. o.O