View Full Version : So sbmm?

09-21-2018, 05:49 AM
Is it even present in the game? Got this for free on Xbox (GwG) had a blast playing Dominion. Then i learned how to Parry and CGB and i was killing people who could not do either. Now the fun is over.

Obviously something has changed because:

A: Im seeing nothing but Orochi's, Shaman's, Berserker's and Ashamura's every match. No more Lawbringer's, Nobushi's, Shugoki's etc, etc.

And B: Im just getting killed by them over and over again. All of my lights get blocked, all my heavies and unblockables get parried, all my GB's get countered and when i resort to ganking to try and get a kill that way the enemy player just triggers revenge mode every 3 seconds. Damn, the difference between my matches now and a week ago is so noticable. It's not even funny.

Anyway. That's fine. Im not great at the game and i don't really mind. But when i stop having fun...well that sucks. Problem is that eventhough im facing way better players than me, who constantly faint me (and in the rare ocassion where i myself faint, they faint my faint if that makes sense. Basically they just cancel their heavy so i can't parry after fainting them) im still usually on top of the scoreboard on my team. Or atleast top 2. Because i play the objective.

That's probably where the problem lies. So does anyone know if i can go down in MMR? Going 1-8 or 3-10 every match doesn't really seem to do anything. Should i stop capping and boosting zones? Because that's where most of my points come from. I know there are players my own skill level out there, because i played with them not long ago. I guess the MM just thinks im better than i actually am.

EDIT: Yup. Apparently im also facing Level 3 bots in Dominion PvE now. Wtf is going on here lol. IM NOT THAT GOOD UBISOFT!