View Full Version : More spams after guard switch fix

09-21-2018, 05:09 AM
To clarify, I don't like bug abused, I don't twirl my guard around like an idiot, I'm glad that devs have listened and fix bug, BUT... the fix has opened opportunities for light spams, specifically, I'm having trouble reacting to Oroc lights and storm rush which i had never have before, now I'm defending like on console...
At this point, i feel like I'm whining myself, i know that i should get used to it, gitgud, blah blah, yeah, agree, but It doesn't have to turn out like this, they could fix the bug like, the 100ms delay guard switch will start after the 2nd switch, AND you have to stop switching guard for about 300-400ms for the loop the start over, doing so we have 1 change to have the right guard and eliminate bug abusing as well as light spams.
This is my thought to share, tell me what you guys think?