View Full Version : is it me?????

09-20-2018, 04:03 PM
or is there something well dodgy about the Berserker? i swear to god every one of them seems to be an unstoppable, insta-revenge wrecking ball.

they never seem to run out of stamina, they appear to get revenge every 2 bloody seconds and can kill you with 2 hits,

maybe i had a particularly bad night but i just kept running into one after another after another and it seems all you can do is try to keep away from them, they went through our team like a hot knife through butter, all these feints and these uninterruptibles married to massive damage output see's them just wailing on you in an almost consequence free environment as they know they'll get revenge no matter what and all the unlimited stamina and increased damage that comes with that to compound an already bad situation for the opponent,

it all seems so cheap? I'm sure ill get the git gud bs form all the zerks but bro's you character is cheap *** and you know it!

09-20-2018, 10:05 PM
Berserker's running revenge builds (basically all balanced gear stats). But, because with Marching Fire update gear stats will be replace with perks, this build won't be a thing anymore. Then we have to see how berserker will do. (as long as he can get HA by double feinting a heavy, he will still be top - that's my guess)

09-21-2018, 12:40 PM
A berserker with the lvl2 revenge feat will always get revenge quickly due to the fact that every part of his zone attack counts as a seperate attack. Plus he is an assassin and due to their health pool they tend to get revenge a notch faster than others with more HP (has all been tested folks, I am not making it up).

So your feeling on this is not wrong. However as E1seNw0Lf already stated the gear system will be soon removed and thus at least on the defensive part of gaining revenge there will be no specific revenge gain boosts as far as we know at this point.

09-21-2018, 01:11 PM
By removing Gear Stats there will be a massive turnaround in power:

- Bleeds will be great again because Debuff Reduction is removed
- Revenge Builds are especially strong on Characters that have long and fast Chains -> Zerker, Orochi, etc wont get Revenge so fast anymore and they wont hit so hard with it
- Raider Revenge chained Zone Attack wont hit for 70+ damage anymore because you cannot boost your damage to ridiculous levels anymore, same for Shinobi going full +Attack and healing (Feat) for 1-2 bars per double-Light
- Warlord / Shugo / LB full Defense wont last 5 minutes against 4 people anymore

Removing the Gear Stats is a very good thing imo. This enables balancing with base stats instead of having to balance with every possible build in mind. And it will lead to a normalized Timo-To-Kill. You simply wont die because you didnt dodge the chained, unlocked Raider Zone 2 times anymore.