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So according to Eric on reddit it will be a short show this week, there will be an update on RDS.

If I could stop typoing my thread titles it would be nice, at least I caught it in time to edit this time

Tired is the Candle at both ends burned \m/<(-.-)>\m/

We have an Eric, a Luc and a Roman.

30% steel discount for this week, we also have Carousel of Death in the events playlist, this time it is meant to be there

Event order from tomorrow a special slayer faction challenge, most carousel takedowns.

Sale of the week, coin toss emote

Playstation have a pre order bug currently where going to the store you click the marching fire tile and nothing happens, the in game news or PSN store will both work fine.

Content of the week, battle outfits - Blurring Fate, Crystal Gem, Enchanting Spell

Responsive Dialogue System

They have been analysing internally what they can do and reading the feedback, there has been a lot of discussion within the team.

They all think the feature is good and has a lot of potential but it is not yet ready to be released so will be postponed.

A lot of people who watch on twitch missed a lot of the feedback update as it went down halfway through, they will be going more into it closer to the time.

Dev talks

Nicola Godin

He is a project manager and has been on the team the past four years, he was a designer before they shipped and also had time helping with the tournaments in the period after shipping.

His main role is the seasonal events, specifically the upcoming ones, he is the guy that brings everything together to make sure it all works and is polished.

Before For Honor he worked on a fitness game, apparently no one has ever asked Luc to (wonder why wink wink nudge nudge say no more sir)

He was raised on a dairy farm with four siblings, apparently he's the one that got away.

He is team Viking, they are beautiful, savage and drink a lot, he feels very close to them.

Call out for the raider axe hump music video from way back.

Quite likes when people play the game for the first time at events and it clicks for them

He wants to say a big thank you to the players and the dedication they have for the game.

A couple things they want to mention - they saw some comments the RDS is cut, that's not the case, they believe it has potential.

There is a showing of the short film shot about the making of For Honor and it will be doing the film festival rounds. It is called Playing Hard if people are on that circuit and would look out for it.

A lot of Marching Fire things will start rolling out in the Dens from next week.

Community corner

And wrap

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One recapped Den

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One recapped Den

Thanks as always for the work you've put into recapping the stream, Candle!


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Jurassic's meme vid got featured in community corner. All hail the Memeasaurus!