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09-19-2018, 10:02 AM
Hey all, new to the forums for about 2 weeks now, I just got a lot on my mind about the game and I would like to hear what some of you think.

So I've only been playing since season 5, but I like so many others mained orochi when I started.
I struggled through season 5 and was VERY happy to hear about Orochi getting his rework for season 6. I was so happy...
He looked more promising in the warriors den livestream, but when he was launched, he was not impressive at all.
I think the main problem I have with the orochi is that everything about his kit screams "parry bait" because everything in his kit is a light property for the most part.
I feel like the game should honestly get rid of the "Hero Traits" where it describes them as things like "Disabler" or "CounterAttacker" or "Hard hitter" because this game is nothing like it was when it was launched (I followed this game for a long time, before purchasing).

To I guess get into the main thing I have a problem with is that the orochi despite what many think is actually still trash. He's basically the old orochi but faster now. Speed wasn't something I wanted only for the orochi, I wanted mind games. Literally every hero in this game has an unblockable to their kit(some more easily accessed) and they for the most part are still better then orochi (not including the obvious ones who are worse). Every assassin in this game has an unblockable minus PK/orochi and they perform better because of it. Orochi has deflects that are unblockable...BUT only when your opponent makes a move. Which at the rep I'm currently sitting at, most people tend to look at me waiting to do something and makes those obvious mistakes because it's so easy to do it. I'm an aggressive player and I don't want to have matches take 3 minutes to finish, I know that's a flaw of mine...but I digress. I just wanted something to help me to push my opponent to realize "I can't just keep waiting for something"...you know?

So many people agree that speed and unblockables are not the way to go, and I can agree with most, but by this point of For Honor's life, EVERY hero needs something to give them a push. An unblockable, not speed. I never wanted a spam happy UB but something at the end of a chain to apply more pressure. The orochi has NOTHING but 400ms lights to save him, which for the most part, delayed or not, they're usually blocked or parried ( I have plenty of proof on my YT channel). Storm Rush is pretty much useless, I'm either knocked out of it by an attack or just simply a gb, it has not initiation behind it whatsoever, whether you use it to space yourself or just try and let it rip. I could go on but I want to talk about something else and why I feel the orochi deserved more love then he got and should be looked at again.

My biggest problem with the game is how unfair most heroes are treated compared to others. With that, I mean towards other reworks, more specifically, Warden.
This hero, before his INSANE buff was already hands down better than orochi to begin with. 1v1 and 4v4. Warden got a HUGE buff to his SB which I won't go into detail about, despite it being the nastiest thing in the game next to like 1 or 2 other things. ONE thing though however, which really irritated me, was how he got a top heavy UB chain finisher. Warden had an UB at his disposal already, his SB. He got a very quick 500ms dashing heavy, new chains/chain links, 500ms neutral lights in ALL directions, a guaranteed second light from CC, hyper armor on his Charged SB and more. Overall, Warden got treated way better then orochi ever did, why? Can I actually get an answer to this?

It just overall makes me a little upset that Orochi will always be behind compared to other reworked heroes and some that haven't even gotten buffed. It makes me sad, that I can't feint anything and have it look convincing, it makes me upset that I am stuck with only 400ms lights to make him somewhat viable, but most of all, i'm more upset with the devs for making a very loved hero of mine and so many other nothing but a useless 3D animated figure in one of the the only video games I have ever purchased.

09-19-2018, 04:31 PM
Totally Agree With you . !

09-20-2018, 01:51 PM
Yeah I think you’re absolutely right. The Orochi relies so heavily on speed that he’s an amazing noob stomper, but if an opponent is experienced there’s very little even a great Orochi can do to open up an opponent. No hero should rely on speed alone – by all means have one or two fast moves, but like the warden’s zone attack, they should be more to catch an enemy by suprise as a result of mind games.

However, I don’t think he needs a full rework. I think they should just make his feints more convincing. Like the berserker, make his light attacks change after a feint, in the case of Orochi, you could make them faster or something. Or give him the ability to feint light attacks. Something to make mind games reeeeeally effective without taking away his image as a rapid duelist.

Maybe give him more options after a deflect too. Not because he needs it, but just because deflects are awesome.

Idk about storm rush though. On Xbox that move is ridiculously fast. I have to use the aramusha’s all guard to block it because I find it near-impossible to react otherwise.

09-20-2018, 08:24 PM
I'm glad other people agree with me. I play on ps4 and the one thing I can say I don't agree with is the storm rush move. In my experience, most people can attack me out of it 99% of the time no matter when i use it it seems. I kinda wish the ability had a way of actually being useful rather a "showoff" move. My idea about an UB for the orochi was something a little like kenseis pommel strike. Instead it didn't grant a guaranteed attack, and if the pommel hit you have a 1000ms unblockable heavy to follow up and you could soft feint that into a guardbreak or another attack chain. I know it seems a bit op, but every hero seems to have this. I in all reality don't think anything should be guaranteed with any hero but i think most characters should have something to push the enemy towards mistakes aka UB's.

09-20-2018, 09:41 PM
This is a viking (biased) land - so I do not have any hope that orochi gets a re-rework at all. That's the way it is.

PS: Last year I made a deal with myself - a promise. I buyed one year champ. status and said to myself: "If that champ. status expires, I'll decide if it's worth to keep playing For Honor or not - if those devs can't get it done in about one year, then they never will.". Technical speaking that would be the 17th october. As we all know, october is the month where Marching Fire is going to hit. So I decided to extend that time window till the end of the year. What to say ... so far, it doesn't look good and I'm ****ing tired of it, cuz it feels nearly the same like 1 year ago.