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09-19-2018, 05:32 AM
Just started playing with the new update; couple of items:

- Nice job on the ALICE rig; every once in a while I'd see an old-timer wearing one, even after we'd all gone to plate carriers and IBAs.

- As others have noted, the LVOA-C has its 30-rd. mag. sitting squarely in the stock; might wanna put it in the magwell.

- How is the Beretta the only 9mm in-game? (I don't count the Silencerco Maxim.) I never carried one outside of basic, or armory-issue for drills; guys in my unit (Navy) were all 9mm, Sigs and Glocks. You've got the 227, but not the far more common 226 or 228? No Glock 19? Even the HK pistol in-game is an oddball variant (the P12); no straight-up USP9, or a P30? Some other nines with 1 million-plus units produced (and thus, maybe available in Bolivia): CZ75, Browning Hi-Power, Glock 17, even the humble Makarov.

- Pistol laser visible in night vision. That's a thing there ought to be in-game; the pistol laser's basically totally useless otherwise.

- Also for pistols, paint applicable to the slide only- the (typically always) metal part that most often gets painted, treated, etc. I like a chromed or stainless slide as much as the next guy, but the whole gun? Even on a polymer frame in some cases? I'm fighting the cartel, not living like the cartel- I don't need that much bling.

- Two words: hush puppy.

- Three letters: RPG (or LAW).

09-19-2018, 11:32 AM
Thanks for your suggestions.

We've seen the reports of the LVOA-C but appreciate you making sure it's being noted :)