View Full Version : Introducing the GRW Gameplan

09-18-2018, 08:23 PM
Check out the Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplan, where you can view community-made walkthroughs, guides, and tips.

Find out all the information about Gameplan here > https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/wildlands/en-us/gameplan/

09-19-2018, 07:57 PM
ya know.. we had a whole forums section that kept building up incredible volumes of great strat guides and info.. and.... "someone".... was so heavy handed on the DELETE key that those strat guides were "done in 48hrs".....everytime they were posted.. any chance of bringing back to life?

10-12-2018, 03:43 PM
When are we going to get a tacmap of sorts to help organise mission planning for groups? They have it in siege