View Full Version : TU16 - Operations & Maintenance Patch Notes

09-17-2018, 05:22 PM
Hey Ghosts,

Please find our Operation & Maintenance TU16 patch notes here (ubi.li/3etj2)!

The update will be live tomorrow, September 18th.

09-17-2018, 09:57 PM
-1 headshot = 1 Kill with any weapon?
-pointman can be supressed like others?
-pathfinder can be killed by mines? Its to cheat the pasives
-repaint and more customization for weapons like campaing? Some (unique) weapons have accesories blocked (and this weapons have a horrible stetic)
-balance damage, how 9mm can do more damage than 5,56 o higher ? Example: 9mmc1 vs p90-p416
-put out submachines and other from sniper classes
-restrigtion drones per team... games with 4 drones and we have one hammed... too unfair
-reconect to The game, when discconect like other games
- more penality for the leaver
-better macthmaking to link high level with the same

09-18-2018, 07:51 AM
THANK YOU!!!!!!!! bigly!!!!

09-18-2018, 01:50 PM
Hi guys,
Just purshased your new pack on xbox, I've got some issues with the new lvao. The 30 rounds mag is not working and also the angledgrips.

09-18-2018, 02:13 PM
17 gigs seroiusly?

09-18-2018, 08:28 PM
Hi guys,
Just purshased your new pack on xbox, I've got some issues with the new lvao. The 30 rounds mag is not working and also the angledgrips.

Thank you! We have sent this to the team for investigation.

09-18-2018, 08:53 PM
BFG-50A reaload animation still not fixed on campaign

09-18-2018, 10:08 PM
BFG-50A reaload animation still not fixed on campaign

Thanks for reporting this to me!

09-18-2018, 11:21 PM
Hey just wanted to report that my extended mags for the m40a4 sniper rifle and all the compensatory v2s are still missing even after the new update to address this issue

09-19-2018, 04:14 AM
Ubisoft: Awesome game, I know you guys are trying. Keep it coming. I Love the Weaponry. Strong suggestions for future weaponry and vehicles (All are common to South America and could find their ways into Bolivia with ease).

-Russian Mi-18 Russian
-Russian Mi-24 Hind Gunship (lord please)
-Mechanized-tracked fighting vehicle of some sort

-Sig Sauer 552 Commando
-IMI Micro Galil MAR
-IMI Galil SAR/Vektor R5
-FN FAL 50.61 Paratrooper
-Bofors AK5C
-IMI Uzi
-IMI Mini Uzi
-Beretta PM12S
-Hudson H9 (why not?)
-Colt M45A1
-Hk UMP45
-Cetme Ameli
-FN Minimi/M249 Para
-Carl Gustav M3
-M72 Law
-Sako TRG42
-Norinco Type 56-1 Underfolder
-Rpk74M (true paratrooper model)
-IWI PSL 9mm
-Glock 17
-Suppresor for Mac-11/Scorpion
-more stock options
-More retro weapons
-Milkor MGL

These are all solid choices and all relevant (minus the H9, it's just plain cool), to South America and the ghost recon universe. I will keep suggesting this list. I'd P2P for all of these! You guys rock!

09-19-2018, 08:12 AM
Thanks for the patch but is there any plan to make permadeath optional in Ghost Mode in future? I see some people are playing Ghost Mode but use their own ways to keep their saves so permadeath is actually a moot point.

Or at least give us options to turn on other features in Ghost Mode in a "normal" non-Ghost Mode game. Some of us may like the realistic reloading and switching weapons but dislike permadeath, Thanks!

09-19-2018, 09:18 AM
in PvP the trapper weapon sound is still missing, also some times ranger secondary weapon is missing. In main campaign large magazine(50) are missing, I had unlocked them before. For example L85A2 and TAR-21

09-19-2018, 02:14 PM
My 30 rnd mag unlock for the smgs (found in media luna area) have been locked even though I unlocked them a long time ago.
I also cannot see any icons for unlocking the attachments on the map, even though I interrogated twice to see all the possible attachments.

09-21-2018, 05:14 PM
LVOA-C is too weak, The version "Bad News" is too better, and magazine 30, is invisible.... but when i see better, is ON THE STOCK
Why dont put The testers work seriouly??
New patch, new bugs .... and pvp weapons is unfair