View Full Version : The voicelines soon changing has me still deppressed

09-17-2018, 06:15 AM
Half of Gladiator's voice was his character.Warden, Nobushi, even Centurion's nerfed voice seem like imposters comming to mimic orginal awesome characters. Those new voices make them feel like they are trying way too hard more, than they need to.

In a game like dark souls or bloodborne for example, characters are quiet for the most part, and im sure players can feel very immersed without the need to hear bantering and talking while engaged in a fight. I know they are diffrent games; im just trying to express epicness in those quieter duels.

I swear there was already the perfect amount of voicelines, screams and grunts that came with the game. is this what we have to accept because this game is always being updated?

I am no longer gladiator main and nobushi is not the comminity waifu we know. i am maining shaman and will have to take some pleasure from hearing the imposter voices dieing