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09-17-2018, 03:34 AM
I like the map showing where the different events are taking place. But I have trouble seeing what my medals are and what the levels are. Also the contractor image replaces the medal icon, not showing me which medal I have in a glance. I would like to see a classic list view with all the info on it. Difficulty, Times, Medals, ect... so I don't have to scroll all over a map, hovering over many different spots to find the levels I want to play.

09-17-2018, 05:56 AM
I would like this classic view too.

I thought the map-view presentation is a Ubisoft preference. "The Crew 2" does the same map-view based presentation, and while you only have a few events, it's manageable (even if hiding / covering up some info, as SuburbanJohnny" noted), but when there are many events, contracts, etc., it's tedious. The filter is better in Trials than in "The Crew 2" (scrolling required); it seems aimed towards controllers with fewer buttons / input keys than PCs with their 100+ keys.
Trials' hover over the location shows a tiny bit more default detail (the bronze, silver or gold medal), and there are the "live" pop-ups whenever someone places a new best score for that location.

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