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09-16-2018, 09:07 PM
Hello, sorry if this thread is not in the right section but i don't really know where to post this cause it's a list with many things. Just hope a dev will see it + sorry in advance if my English is not perfect ..

So, after playing this beta here is a list i made about the bugs i got and some suggestions.

Also, to let you know, i play on ps4 (the first version, not ps4 pro or something else).

Here is the list (i tried to put suggestions at the end of each categories) :

Menus / Global :

When i was lvl 2 i unlocked a gear crate but it didn't appear on the screen (it displays 0 crate unlocked), needed to move in the menus and go back to make it appear

Filter option on the world map : there is no little ''V'' on ''show everything''

Broken Leader board (unlegit times : hackers? + sometimes i don't see the names of players)

Diamond medal unlocked when watching the 1st on a track + new best time also saved on the menu (sometime it doesn't save the same time of the 1st)

In hall of leader board, and some other menus i think, we can't press R1 to see the top of players cause it goes in the garage (R1 is the same button)

When you go on Player profile it doesn't show the right rank (the right rank is display when you click on details)

Broken contracts for me (seems the rival has a broken run) :
Hard hat zone - ktm contract
Lynx world - ktm contract

Sometimes there is a new highscore that appears near a track, this score is not better than mine. When i click, play and win again the opponent there is nothing special, not even a text

The color of the stadium on the map stay in gold even if you unlock all diamond medals, same for skillgame. Would be cool if you color change depends of the medal you earn

Can't move fast in the leader board, only player by player, no page by page button

Would be cool to get more informations for the player profil

I can see the ''Ubi players'' profils but there is 0 information

Some players have the ubi logo in leader board = cross platform, right? Then why the ubi logo in online multiplayer? Not sure the online MP is cross platform? (also the logo is on the loading screens when playing tracks in single player even if it's our console friends)

Gameplay :

Start button delay on some tracks, sometime i need to play a bit to make the start button working + same thing when you turn on the ''Show in-game input'', it put a certain time to display the inputs on screen

If you change the opacity of ghost in the options (single player) then it saves the opacity for players in online multiplayer mode (0% opacity in single player = no players in online multiplayer)

Looks the mantis ''doesn't stick'' on some surfaces, example : the cp #3 of ''Car park club'', the bike is weird on the 2nd wooden platform + the second last cp on ''Rally of kings'', right after the jump, sometime the bike doesn't grip to the metal platform (say this when trying to speedruning the tracks)

Sometimes i have tiny lags when i pass checkpoints or restart the track (it comes from the loading of ghosts i think)

Sky changing color on the track ''Uk up'' (once in pink and once in green)

There is a floating checkpoint at the end of ''Skate or don't''

Can't see my best time and the next track medal when pressing start

Ability to change the default ghosts by friends only, or by my time only

Ability disable ghost just with a ''yes / no'' option (ghosts are annoying on the extrem track when you try to speedrun the track)

When playing, add arrows for the right bar in the options menu (when pressing start button), first i didn't even see i could go down in the menu

Maybe change the time of some diamond medals, for example ''Mile high club'' has an easy diamond medal to get and ''Uk up'' has a very hard diamond medal. The gap between these two is BIG. At the moment the track with less diamond medals in the leader board is ''Rally of kings'' with ~33 medals (but basically all you need to do to get the diamond medal is to take all shortcuts, then no need to perfect your run). ''Uk up'' has ~35 but you need to get a very perfect run to get the diamond medal. I managed to get all diamond medals but ''Uk up'' is clearly harder than the average

Replays :

Accelerating sound stay when you press pause in replay

No score display in skill game replays (i can see the time but not the distance)

Leaving a replay = go back to the world map, it doesn't go back to the leader board

Ability to watch replays / play against in stadium tracks

Slow motion in replay would be great

Customization :

Helmet customization sticker : sometimes the camera is moving and sometimes the rider is also moving the head a bit (really annoying!) + we can't zoom the camera + there is too many reflexion on the helmet

Ability to change color of the underwear rider

Ability to select the right or left glove / shoe

Would be could to get new stickers in green color instead of the same color as the lock

Add a text like ''Double'' when you unlock the same object in crates

Multiplayer :

If you finish 1st on ''Ever, everer, everest!'', you can't see the camera of other players

I won matches but i lose points, is it normal?

When waiting for players in multiplayer mode, it doesn't load stickers

When voting for track, the next screen doesn't show the track with the most votes but the track you selected. It's confusing

More you play with players more tracks are lagging. If you play with 7 players, 50% of the tracks are unplayable

It doesn't show the faults in game or when fishing the track, would be cool to add

It would be cool if the screen doesn't change once you select the bike, the counter is not at 0! (= you could select another bike if you choose the wrong one)

Thanks for reading :)

09-16-2018, 09:34 PM
Hey Jeruhnq! We're aware of the broken contracts and leader boards. (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1931250-Closed-Beta-Known-Issues) For the suggestions, you may want to post them here (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/1907-Suggestions) for more visibility. For the other issues, especially the losing points one, if you have any screenshots feel free to share them :)