View Full Version : FPS drops during Grim Sky

09-15-2018, 06:40 AM
60 to 30. This is not acceptable. At max, I get 83 but in casual? Outside? II can;'t play on 30 frames. Optimize your ****. And it's not just me. Look on any R6 subreddit and you'll see players with 1080tis, 1070s, 1050s all reporting ******** frame drops.

O p t i m i z e

09-15-2018, 08:34 AM
you do realize optimizing a game isn't as simple as snapping your fingers right? just pointing out you are having frame drops is as vague as the vacuum of space. you need to describe every single step how you managed to have those drops. I also have those drops and i'm uncertain whether it's bad cpu usage or memory leak but just so the support team sees it.

What they might be talking about is the drop in framerate after loading or transitioning from a round to another. i've also been getting this problem and the steps to reproduce are very simple really.

1- start the game
2- benchmark with the current settings
3- play a match or matches
4- keep playing until you notice a difference in the framerate
5- benchmark it again just to make sure
6- rinse and repeat.

I can only go back to the fps i had before by restarting the game.

this problem popped onto me when parabellum's mid season dropped in but there've been reports it happened after blood orchid which is unnacceptable the fact a year old problem still hasn't been looked at the very least.