View Full Version : Can we get ranked ornaments already?

09-15-2018, 04:29 AM
Yeah yeah, I'm ranting, screw you too.

First of all, Ubisoft...stop trying to get into E-Sports or whatever the heck it is. Your ranked mode sucks and that's why i'm here.

I am sick to DEATH!!! of trying to get an ornament in your broken ranked tournament. I literally only do ranked because I want ONE ornament...just ONE!!!

I have participated in many ranked matches and I for the love of god cannot get this freaking ornament. Can you PLEASE just make them purchasable, because I'm sick of playing through tournaments just to get a crap color pattern, a stupid symbol and 100 steel. I've literally won like 4 by this point and have participated in MANY more than that and I CANNOT get that stupid ornament.

I know I sound like a frustrated child BUT can you PLEASE just sell the ornaments for like 20k steel or something?

You can have the ranked ornaments potentially for free if you win ranked matches/tournaments OR you can dish out 20k steel for an instant buy.

I know cosmetics don't mean much to some people, but I love the customization in this game and I just want to stop stressing about your stupid ranked mode, because I don't want to waste an hour of my life to potentially lose or win and never get an ornament. I'm done with the grind.

Sorry for my immaturity, but come on this game is far from what is was at launch, can you just for once place ranked ornaments in customization for a price? It honestly cannot be that hard.

09-15-2018, 01:00 PM
You're not alone. My experience is similar