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09-15-2018, 01:29 AM
Ok i just share some thoughts about the gameplay tactics, sing a song about GRW and say "thank you" to Ubisoft. Here we go:

For the most realistic experience, go to your nearest recruitment center, they will help you out. Be aware: being a soldier (in a combat unit) is a very, very hard 24/7 job. And not very well paid )) You will sacrifice your (civilian) life, (and/or) years of your time, most likely your physical, and may be mental health. For political or economical interests of some country or private organization (nearly the same nowadays). As soon the Rambo – romantic is gone, you will not enjoy this. Ok, maybe sometimes you will.

Another option – airsoft or paintball. But, it’s not cheap. It is also a “whole day” activity, not very efficient time spending. But a damn’ truckload of fun.

Now, thanks to the GRW, the most beautiful, epic, versatile and well-made game ever, you can enjoy tactical shooting, diversion and operating in a spec-ops-fireteam in your own, digital Valhalla, and skip all the sht, that usually comes with it in RL. Thank you for that, Ubisoft. Great job, stay on it.

You can enjoy this like a junkie, or may be just few hours a day, few days a week – depending on how much time you wanna spend. This time is the only trade-in you make. Time for fun. And this is YOUR decision. YOU decide what is fun for you, when and how much of it you wanna have. No contracts, no superior command chain, you can participate in a science fiction movie, a blockbuster, or have it pretty close to reality.

“What is realistic on a 4-man-team, taking out a well-guarded enemy site within a minute?”. You’re right. Not much. Playing solo, or in campaign mode, anyone can achieve anything. Don’t need to be a tactical genius for that, really. Once you’ve figured out the basic game mechanics, you just must try hard and often enough. And then, you basically do the same thing, using the same tactics, or no tactics at all, just mark&shoot. Your Bots – stupid, but perfect drone soldiers))

What I personally miss there, is the realistic part. “Rolling” with a team (of people), smooth movement, fireteam tactics, clear communication, planning and correct tactical decisions, treating the enemy and the environment with respect.

Of course, there is no need for that, if you play with full HUD, or have studied every corner of the GRW world perfectly.

But if you want to have the epic close-to-reality game experience try following:

1) Set the extreme game difficulty in the Pause Menu, go for Tier 1 later.

2) Go to Options, Adjust your HUD. I personally let some things on, for the sake of comfortable communication with team members, knowing their status and the status of my weapon. But you should switch off: enemy&rebel markers; crosshair; detection clouds; alert, item and objective markers.

Or switch off everything. But then you may have a trouble of knowing what’s going on with your team or get lost in loads of unnecessary communication.

Anyways, first of all, you’ll start to see, how beautiful, detailed and well-made the GRW environment is )

3) Here comes the most difficult part – PLAY WITH PEOPLE. Bots are stupid, but they make no mistakes, still providing great firepower and “reanimation services” under any circumstances. Comfortable. But not realistic.

4) With all the options above, play Ghost Mode. Now, how about that?))

Get a strong team (or teams) together, use the campaign mode as your drilling site. Just as RL operators do. They drill 70-90% of the time.

Playing campaign, you must not save Amaru repeatedly, and can practice the drills, movement, angels and fire placement, work on your mistakes. Than, in the GM you go “sharp”, complete the mission in a most realistic way and stay alive all together. Because you and your team were acting like 1 organism, professionally, smooth, precisely and high-skilled/drilled. Or. You fail. Then you weren’t good enough.

And THIS sht rocks!

Try it – you’ll see.

Later, with those team tactics you can also go play air soft one day, because you’ll want more of this “rock n’ roll” )

It is also possible, that it’s just me, thinking this way in my own head, subjectively. Now it’s shared.

Good luck, operators.
Stay safe, train like you fight, and never save Amaru again :-D