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09-14-2018, 08:56 PM
there was a lot of good, some bad and one really ugly thing.

the good.
-tracks felt 'complete' and not rushed, and the driving lines were really well done, i.e. ever, everer, everest.
-rider customization and the sticker system was fun and cool. i hope to see more of what people can design on their character and bikes.
-i really like the idea of the stadium races, and thought they were well made.
-personally i don't like ghosts, so im glad you can put them aside.

the bad.
-i am playing on a PS4 from when they were first released, and occasionally the game stutters or frames will drop. i think it's time to upgrade honestly.
-something doesn't feel right about the bikes, and @Heath_Allen made a good point that i agree with, that "they feel really underpowered with very little traction".
-the contracts feel like a chore after awhile, and they're also shoved into your face when you select a track. it can be pretty annoying when i simply want to beat an older time.
-the camera feels.. bouncy and sensitive? maybe im crazy but the camera in the previous trials games were more smooth and felt polished.

the ugly.
-the loot boxes. this should not be here. if for whatever corporate reason they need to be in this game, at least let us buy the customization individually with the in-game money.

a few suggestions.
-it's kind of hard to find the tracks you wanted to play, so maybe adding a secondary list form would be nice. i still like to see the world map though.
-we don't know a ton about the track editor yet, but if it hasn't been added in, i would love to create 'duel' tracks like the monster mash duel.
-a way to put stickers on your skin as a tattoo.

09-14-2018, 09:14 PM
Thanks for the amazingly well structured post!