View Full Version : [PC] Trials Rising Closed Beta Gameplay - It's a great game!

09-14-2018, 06:00 PM
First of all thank you for the closed beta access! I've played the game a little bit and recorded some ingame stuff and races.
So far i really like the game, there's still room to fix stuff like brakes on Mantis ( they are reaaaaly strong imo ).
The whole UI and main menu how everything looks is great! No complaints about the level design it blew my expectations.
There were a few frame drops and lag spikes in multiplayer, but that's acceptable since it's a Beta version imo.
Also ingame currency is good, love the implementation of option to sell your items if you don't need them.
The challenger box was a bit disappointing since the loot inside of it is the same as in "regular" boxes.
One thing i've also noticed today is that the game didn't recognise my controller for some reason - plugging it in and out did the job ( im using Logitech Chillstream ),
and for example when i jumped in the game gas and break seemed to work for a minute than it stopped, plugging it in and out fixed that.

Great job so far, will definitely play more of it :)

The music ingame is just by my taste ( i removed it to avoid copyright claims )