View Full Version : Beware of the tough Valkyries!

09-14-2018, 04:46 PM
Talk about scary! You first face the Valkyries somewhat late in the game, and though your heroes are most likely powerful by that point, the Valkyries still present a real challenge.


You see, these "Double-barreled baddies" can move fast through the battlefield thanks to their Team Jump ability, and you need to watch out because, after they jump, they land with a Ground Pound – you don't want your heroes near that!

On top of everything, Valkyries use the Protection technique to shield their allies. You should consider bringing your heavy hitters to the battlefield if you know you will encounter these armored enemies!


So how do you beat the powerful Valkyries?

There's no right or wrong way of dealing with Valkyries, but having a good tactic helps. For instance, the Honey Super Effect will keep them from performing their Team Jump. And if it's their repeated rapid fire that worries you, maybe Peach's own Protection could help.

What is your favorite way of dealing with the Valkyries? Let us know in the comments!