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09-14-2018, 09:06 AM
The dev's team say they need more feedback to fix the VOICE BUG of Marching Fire. Ubisoft is doing excellent work all the time and maybe the best one to mainland players, and I still love For Honor (and my warden) so much,so I decide to trust them once again. Here is my feedback of Marching Fire open test.
The voice
The quality of new voice is so bad. It doesn't match the game, the heroes (new warden's voice is the worst, noboshi second). Some new voicelines don't make sense and sound childish, they changed the whole atmosphere from battlechilds to some kid's fighting or bad quality's hero shows. For honor is serious and elegant, that's why we love it. If you need the new voice system to make profits, I completely understand that. Just please make them match the quality, the mood and the elegance of For Honor. The new emotes released today are so good, why not go on? Keep the quality please.
The Wulin
As a Chinese player, wulin's voice (tiandi especially)needs fixing. For example,"My name is Tiandi!""Crazy is power!" These words do sound crazy, make this character so annoying. Maybe "HE! HA!" will do better.吃我一刀!(chi wo yi dao)" This one is the most ridiculous. It means "taste my blade!", but is only heard when tiandi cast a dargon punch. Better change the timing. I really hope Ubi Shanghai &Ubi Chengdu wound be involved in wulin's sound work, they could give much advice to make it better.

So much for now. I love this game and I hope dev's team make better connection of the community. R6S is a good example. Do not be the same with destiny2(year 1). For honor is unique, please don't forget that.

09-14-2018, 09:25 PM
Thanks for sharing the feedback. We'll be keeping everyone updated with any changes that are to be made over the coming weeks.