View Full Version : Some little issues and maybe bugs!

09-14-2018, 08:27 AM
1- After change the brightness during the gameplay, the motorcycle audio just disappeared, but return when restar the level.
2- On the customization screen, the standar jacket has a star on the elbow that, when you click in "Modify", the camera don't go to right point of view for the correct changes, for someone who just start today on the game, this may be confusing... Oh, and the rotation(F1/F2) for the stickers, just don't work in the beginning, and get's stuck when I change the window (Alt+tab)
3- The response of the clicking, is a bit late, from when I click, sometimes the response for the clicking doesn't even happen, already try with other mouse.

Just play a few minutes of the game, I hope to report some other things that I can encounter on the way.