View Full Version : More Observation

09-13-2018, 11:36 PM
So I changed a few settings maybe to help with the game and its working ok so far.

One thing i have notice is that Ubi soft keeps trying to adjust combat way to much along with the individual heros adjustments. If they are trying to fix issues thats fine but thats not what they are doing they are just changing stuff that dont need to be change just fix whatever mechanic issue there hero is having and move on.

The BIGGEST issue i see is the light spam that was the WORST idea for this game orochi, pk and aramusha are pretty much impossible to block, parry or deflect. Thats a unfair advantage to other heros.

Then theres the faints they went way to far with this to where people are feint their light thats going to way to far with it. Now feint wit your heavy or even your unblock-able that fine,

Now if they really want to do better with there updates they could add more stuff like outfits, weapons, maps, or hell even add another level for armor or hell add prestige to this game.

This is my opinion go back to the old school combat and just fix the hero mechanics that are having issues and lever the heros alone. Just add more content to the game thats all just leave the HEROS AND COMBAT alone.