View Full Version : Sticker Central (Share sticker designs) and sticker-grouping

09-13-2018, 08:56 PM
I'm kind of surprised I don't see any hint of this in the menus. You guys already have a great track sharing system in place according to previous trials games, but what about sharing sticker designs between players? It would use the same system as the track central, but instead shares entire design layouts or groups of stickers.

This would help the less creative people (like me) look a little better without the need of investing lots of time into the editor. Of course we would be limited by the stickers we have unlocked in order to apply these designs, but that can easily be solved by adding a low unlock price to the gear crate stickers (or just unlocking them over time first).

A good example of a system like this are the Forza Motorsport/Horizon series. They have a similar system for applying stickers to cars with the whole sharing of sticker groups or entire layouts at once. If you wanted to go all the way you could add a small currency reward for the creator each time someone applies a sticker group/layout. The stuff the Forza community creates can sometimes be insane and Trials could head the same direction.

That said, it would be nice to have some kind of grouping functionality in the first place. Group a few stickers together and move/scale/rotate them as if it were a single sticker. Save them (locally maybe?) to quickly (re-)apply them to other items.