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09-13-2018, 08:17 PM
Using Xbox One controller... pretty much every on screen prompt icon is the left thumb stick, but otherwise appears to be working normally.

Using nVidia Surround... I can't seem to switch to any other resolution, just forces to my desktop resolution 5760x1080. While it's not an issue, appears nVidia Surround support hasn't been fully included yet (as was included in prior titles) as all menu, HUD and FMV elements are stretched across the entire screen, instead of restricted to the middle 16:9 sector... but aspect ratio of the 3D world appears to be fine.

Wish the opponent riders in the race were a little more ghosted... they're very distracting and my focus was taken away from my own rider a few times.

Look forward to testing a little more and hopefully future beta sessions with more updates prior to the release in Early 2019.

09-14-2018, 07:13 AM
[Mods move this to the beta feedback section if you wish, didn't see forum when first posting]

Found another thread about the xml to change resolution used by game. Set to 1920x1080 and gave it another try. When in-game I saw the resolution now had 3 in the drop down (no surround resolutions, maybe because I didn't/couldn't adjust aspect in-game).

Few things noticed... first, thanks I see the opponent rider ghost settings are fully there, that's awesome. second, while I use an Xbox One controller, I notice the controller screen shows a PS4 controller as example. Is this part of reason for lack of icons for the beta on PC?

The 3rd or 4th stage where your objective is (I believe) to win a 1 v 1 race against someone. I've won the race, but it keeps saying contract failed. Also noticed the guy I'm racing against keeps crashing and then stopping before the finish line. Guessing something here isn't intended to happen. Because of this I can't unlock anything past the 4th stage.

Overall looks nice enough. Gameplay feels solid as one would expect from RedLynx. Thanks again for the beta.