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09-13-2018, 08:14 PM
3 Maximized damage heavies by 2 people hit you when you’re Stuned , thrown to the Floor, Grabed Sweeped, Kicked, Pushed , Hugged , Blinded. Stunlocked ? Less then 2 seconds
The issue with this cancerous game is.. you are Helpless. Why are these cancerous skills being Abused ?
1. Overall Safe . Especially in 4v4
2. Spammable ( No cool down)
3 Costs Low stamina
4. Drains Stamina of the Opponent
5. 4v4 game breaker ( Fun Killer) especialy vs multiple heroes from the same sort.
6. Delayable
7. Chargable
8. Cancellable into Gb
9. Fast Recovery
10. Pretty Fast Conq is the best Example.
11. Damage is guaranteed.
12. Stun Duration is very long.

So what are the options to “counter” and why are they are so bad.
1.Dodge 500ms from Neutral. You cant dodge right away after you attack or after blocking an attack and its valnurable to gbs.
2.Dodgeattack. only few heroes have it. And they are usually very easy to parry.
3.Prediction . Dodged too early ? No Problem Tracks will hit you.
4. Roll if you risk Oos.
5. Revenge. Who initiates an Revenge mode opponent.. please...
6. Attack befor they perform it ( see 1. Point)
İnput delay / Block recovery is too high. For an instant attack.

These Options are tooo minimal and cost Stamina which puts you in danger when youget gbroken or parried in worat case.

12. points almost with minimal Risks have the upper hand vs Counter Options which are not Even safe at all.
Among many Other broken game mechanics this “Unique”game has.
My Solution

Delete the game. Wait for reasonable Balance patch. Reinstall and hope for the Best.

Cya 🙃

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