View Full Version : Did you guys think BGE2 will have a similar post launch treatment as ACO?

09-13-2018, 07:11 PM

Like in this video, BGE2 post launch structure will be based on a continuous flow of content via season pass, DLC (OMG nooo!!! unless is free, but I kinda doubt it, well probably at least some will) and regular updates? Or perhaps a more spaced content flow?

And also will the game be released in the most finished state or will be launched in a pseudo-beta phase, like too many games does?

Kinda makes me ponder seriously their game engine (I know BGE2 team feel confided with it since they let us watch a sneak peek of it) and its capability to show the whole game without loading times... even when they show us a video with such characteristics, in that moment the game wasn't not even close to be populated with all NPCs, enemies, missions, places, items, etc, etc, that will be in final stage, so too many bugs can, and will, occur along the way.

Also makes me think about the real requirements needed to enjoy the experience as is meant to be... a minimun of iCore gen 4th (and AMD equivalent), 4GB video, 8GB RAM, ~50 GB HDD space? :confused::confused:

10-04-2018, 01:56 PM
That's fair criticism Lyogron. But also Ubisoft has been pretty good at supporting their games post launch. Rainbow Six Siege and For Honour both had kind of weak launches but have gained a lot of momentum after a few updates.

Hopefully it works out!

10-10-2018, 01:02 AM
Well AC certainly has a deadline.
I actually doubt that BGE2 has a hard deadline. So I assume they will optimize it.
Now a lot depends on the Engine they made for BGE2 and which graphics API they will use.
There are not that many low-level graphics API games from Ubisoft but the ones that do generally do quite great.
At least the Division ran great for me on Dx12.

I could get behind a season pass because the devs will continue to work on the game very actively. At least I hope we speak about Witcher3 great DLCs.
Now everything that goes beyond THAT meaning loot boxes and microtransactions are a killer to me. I am a big fan so I would put up with it in this case. Doesn't change that I hate the idea of this being ingame. I would not mind if they go a "DLC" Addon-ish way that if they feel the need for it they may even make content WAY later even if that means that said content only comes in form of a DLC that is outside of the season pass.
I super hope that I won't see something like helix in AC! Still better microtransactions than loot boxes. Not really an improvement. Besides I cannot see how this would add up in the BGE world atm.

I would avoid a game that also forces you to be online. (which Denuvo does to some degree :nonchalance: ) In fact, companies talk about gamestreaming and I sit here with my woodline ADSL2+ with 2km copper between me and a fiber line. I never got any AC game on launch. They tend to be super cheap next year so I wait and with the lower price your expectations are quite different.

BUT hey AC is a mainstream game like CoD or Battlefield. Ubisoft has many smaller games which are untouched by those things. I hope BGE2 will be one of them. (Please oh big Ancel be stubborn about that).
I hate those "paid" freemiums too. You are not alone. I just don't back away from those games entirely. I get them when I think it is okay (which is about 1/6 of the release price) because behind all this stuff there still is a game.
Vote with your wallet is the only answer to all of that. I hope they don't throw 3 DRMs on it.

As of date, we need to wait on how this will pan out. But actually, I think since this is essentially a reboot of an old IP I doubt they would actually add any of that. I am certainly against adding it and I hope the community would support this.