View Full Version : Any glitches I find (2 so far)

09-13-2018, 10:33 AM
The game will sit at Loading... a track and must be closed & restarted sometimes. It's happened twice now (first 2 of my broadcasts). Maybe it just takes extra long to load & gives the impression that the game is frozen? This especially happens on Hard Hat Zone.

Unequipping clothing, then trying to re-equip will not show on the player. It will say Equipped but to see it you must select a different part, then come back to the one you are trying to see for it to reload.
The Loading... lag just happened again. Took a minute to load the first Easy track with the front & backflip goals active.

Update: Game crashed when I returned to the states to take on a new challenge time at level 16. During the previous track, I received a message that I'd lost connection with PSN. Now it says I'm level 15..