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First, some usefull stuff, if you want to survive in Teamplay in the Ghost mode:







More vids are following …

Another thing:

Objective: Tier 1 in the ghost mode.

I’ll compose a new lvl. 1 character tomorrow, and he must survive until Tier one in the ghost mode, in a team play.

It’s nearly impossible, unless everyone has the same objective, takes it seriously, and have approximately the same lvl, so he will not get bored and do some stupid sht.
Ghost mode is too difficult for most players, because it’s pretty realistic. They’re used to play in campaign mode, where they are used to run, die, respawn and die again. They are unconcentrated, unorganized, playing instinctively, without any tactical decision-making. In the ghost mode they die, and other team members die because of them.

For reaching Tier 1 in the Ghost Mode, there are some simple, realistic rules to follow. For those of you guys, who is new to armed combat tactics, here they are:

1) Start in easy provinces, develop your character and then go to more advanced provinces. Stay away from suicide missions. Play offensive first, develop rebel support and your character, then go for defensive missions.

2) Stay close to each other. You could google for tactical formations in military forces, fireteam tactics and so on, sure you ‘ll find something useful. But if you don’t want to - simply stay close, don’t shoot your buddy, provide cover fire and seek cover yourself.

3) While you are under enemy fire: stay in cover and ask your team members to provide suppressing fire, mark the enemy, use explosives, but think first. Communicate.

4) While taking fire in a car or in a bird – you as a driver/pilot are responsible for the safety of the team in the first place. And not for impressing them of your skills. If you’ll burn/expode all together at once – this will be the result of your stupidity. Do not stop the car/bird under strong enemy fire, while your team is boarded. Do not bring them directly into the hot zone. It is better to go 150-200m on foot, than save Amaru again.

5) Take your time. If you’re in a hurry, take a day off or you’ll save Amaru. Don’t “run&shoot”. Don’t run into superior enemy force like you’re a Terminator. Don’t engage into an open firefight while you or your team members are (moving) in the open, without cover, unless there is no other option. Decide, then shoot.

6) Do not try to kill more Tangos then your buddies. All of you get exactly the same experience points. Stay in formation, scan your angles, seek cover, provide cover fire. If you want to kill em all – play solo.

7) Go stealth – there you have all the time to think and decide. Plan your retreat, for the case it’ll get too hot. Plant mines to protect your flangs, your butt, and your possible retreat, if needed. Think, then shoot. If I miss, and the enemy gets alarmed right now, where are my team members? What/where is the next-to-me-cover? Is there an air force alarm? What are the possible directions of enemy contact? Where the enemy reinforcements will arrive from?
8) Don’t let enemy force behind, while moving deep into the enemy base. If they get alarmed, this can be your death, because you’ll be surrounded and under fire from multiple directions. Take out snipers and alarms first, snipers and Helicopters give a strong tactical advantage and great firepower for the enemy. Mortars: in stealth mode – plant the mine there, in open fire fight destroy it with direct or indirect fire as soon you can, without dying. Otherwise – RETREAT.

9) When the sht goes down, remove the silencer, scan your angles, cover your buddies, communicate with each other. Always be aware about how many rounds are in your magazine. Take cover to reload or ask for cover fire while reloading. If you are close to a road – stay sharp, enemy reinforcements will arrive fast and well-armed.

10) If the enemy force is taking over, your plan isn’t working, and chaos breaks in (suddenly numerous reinforcements arrive, unidad is engaging or any other unexpected critical factors happen) – RETREAT! Plant mines to stop/slow down the pursuers, regroup, change position, decide what to do next. Your objective is not to complete the mission, your objective is to SURVIVE in the first place. The mission you can redo again. Or you will save Amaru.

11) While somebody uses the drone, or revives a fallen Brother in Arms, another one must provide cover.

12) If there only 2 players and one is wounded – clear the area first, plant mines if necessary, then revive. IF THE SITUATION IS TOO DANGEROUS, and there is no way to save your buddy without dying yourself – no need to sacrifice your character too. Codeword “ESCAPE” means you disconnect, fast, push escape button and go to desktop, so bots will appear and save your buddy. (If there are only 2 players in the team!!) May be. There is a chance. If both of you die – You will die for sure.

13) For defensive missions – plant explosives, let everyone take position, ready, go, trigger the mission. If not – one will die, because he wasn’t aware what’s going on, second will try to save him and die, another 2 will die because the have not enough firepower and the dying team members will scream for help.

14) UNIDAD WINS. ALWAYS. Proceed with extreme caution. Engage them only if you must, to prevent alarm, or achieve a mission objective. If unidad is alarmed – RETREAT. Regroup, decide. Or save Amaru.

That’s it guys, I think if you, or everyone will follow those simple, logic rules, it is possible to reach Teir 1 in The Ghost Mode, in a team play. Of course, if you play as a team.

I Write this text here because I am tired to play the first province over and over again, and believe that there are people, who wants to enjoy realistic team play as well, without cheating or sacrificing their character (again) because of Chaos, created by mistakes they didn’t made.

If you feel me – I’m playing always in the evening, from 11 PM to 1 or 2 AM Berlin Time, No_HUD is the nickname. Playing with full HUD in teamplay, of course :-D

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Here some more UF Pro videos in a Youtube playlist. Just because they are damn beautiful and well-made ))


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The dream is to build a strong team and play Ghost Mode Team Play with limited HUD in extrem difficulty for the most realistic experience. So, if you're interested - get in touch

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P.S.: Rule no. 15 : Do not chace after convoys in a difficult province :D

Bodark Zulu
12-05-2018, 06:00 AM
I just started playing ghost mode, I appreciate all the info man. I need a couple of people to play too.