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09-12-2018, 04:57 PM
Many fans accompanied the now 20 year old journey of the Anno series. The Anno Union has shown that our communities not only provide an incredible amount of valuable feedback, Union members create and run engaging fan projects such as fan sites or Discord channels, entertain with videos and streams or amaze with their stunning fan arts or written Anno stories.

No matter what you do, the Union Fan Initiative is there to support fan creation with spotlights on our upcoming Anno Union fan creation list, streamer and Youtube highlights as well as offering general support for projects through visibility on Anno Union and on our social media channels, hosting for Anno streams on Twitch and much more.

Interested? Everyone who creates frequent Anno related content can apply for the initiative.

Who can be part of the Union Fan Showcase?
Everyone who runs an Anno related fan projects (if you are a fan- site, forum, group, discord or other social channel etc.) and content creators who love to create material such as Anno videos, live-streams, fanart, stories or anything similar.

How does the Initiative support fan creations?
You will have a general point of contact in the Anno community team for all questions and other matters regarding your fan project or channel. Furthermore, we will give your project or channel its own page on our own “Fan Creation” category on the Anno Union website, where you have your own spotlight to present your project to our communities out there. We will also provide frequent coverage on our Anno social media channels, talk about your projects in future community articles and videos and host Anno Live-Streams on our own Twitch channel. There are more actions planned to support you but more about that in future.

How can I apply, is there any deadline or limit to the program?
We will slowly start to roll out the program but there is no future limitation for projects planned, as long as projects and other content creators are interested in creating Anno relevant content. Content creators, such as Youtubers, Twitch Streamers or artists do not need to sorely concentrate on Anno content but we like to see a general passion for the Anno series, which results in frequent live-streams, videos, fanart, fanfiction or other content.

We do not have a deadline to apply as we see the Initiative as an ongoing effort to support Anno fan projects. We will also add projects over time, usually getting in contact with you to work on the final page entry on the Anno Union.

How do I apply, is there a special format I have to follow?
Think about a pitch where you present your project or channel to Anno communities out there. The maximum amount of the text should not extend more than 400 words.
We also would like to see any form of asset (can be logo, YouTube or website banner etc.) with the dimensions of 872*437 Pixel JPG or PNG which will get used as a header image for the page entry.
You can hand in up to two additional assets with the maximum dimensions of 872*500 Pixel (can be smaller) and also share a YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch video clip.