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09-12-2018, 03:34 PM
Hi I live in L e s b o s island, the island you will kill Medusa in ac Odyssey, so I wish to describe a bit my island to give some ideas for feature content as we may spend allot of time in AC Odyssey before the next AC comes..
My island indeed have a petrified forest, I think its the only preserved petrified forest in the world! We have 2 gulf's which they attract birds from Africa (flamingos and stuff). We have a mountain called Olympus and it is the original island of Artemis. Or the most ancient islands and with the oldest temple of Artemis.
There is 2 periods in Hellas, you will find several islands reffered as "islands of Goddess Artemis" but they become that from 500bc and up to date, also Goddess Artemis for them represents the moon and black magic!
The difference with us is, our temple is from 2800bc and the original Artemis is the daughter of Zeus, represents the SUN. Unfortunately today there is only an altar and 1-2 half columns left, we also had a temple of Poseidon! Not any more.. Here is a link to watch some pics for what it left today http://www.thermirooms.gr/?p=p_5&sName=EIOOnI?IEC-EAnICo
We have 3 volcanoes, 2 underwater and 1 at land and we also have a whole mountain in ancient years detached from the island and sunk with a ancient village on it! You can dive today and explore, but its very deep.
We have lots lots of natural hot springs, this is why Artemis took the name of "warm Artemis" protector of the waters. and the modern mythology we got, presents my island as the first land gods step their feet, you may have read or heard about Pelasgians a very very archaic race of the pre-Hellenics. Also it is the island that was most preferred by Gods for wine!! Because of our volcanic soil we have good quality of grapes!!! This is the island that Hermes took the wine of Olympus.

I gave all that info above for consideration and content. Hellas have about 6000 islands (all sizes) which only 79 are occupied by humans! Every island have its own story. But there is plenty of space and for Ubisoft to give extra content for personal base? We could use some rocky islands ! Up to date we know about our personal ship, but we could use a rocky island to built it and make our own personal fleet for missions, etc.

I ve read in a gapespot I think article that the seas are not very alive with content like in black flag AC and diving is a very very important thing because we have so much underwater even today undiscovered! We have plenty of sea animals (mediteranean dolphins, whales, sharks, seal's and sea turtles! ) plenty of caves and underwater caves and lots of sea currents!

Two years before the next AC is a long time so why not! ;)