View Full Version : I will be doing some giveaways during the beta!

09-12-2018, 11:52 AM
Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is just as hyped as I am to be playing the Trials Rising beta this week! To celebrate I will be doing long streams for the duration of the beta. During these streams I will be doing plenty of giveaways.

Prizes include: Trials Rising Gold Edition Preorder (platform of winner's choice), Trials Fusion Papercraft, Steam/Uplay/Playstation/Microsoft vouchers, TheRealTeeHill Sticker Packs and TheRealTeeHill Twitch Subscription Gifts

To take part just come to the stream and follow the channel (you must be a follower to be drawn as a winner) :) the draws will be done using Streamlabs Chatbot and it's built in currency system, you will earn tokens just by being in the stream, you will then be able to buy tickets to the draws using your earned tokens. Draws for the papercraft, stickers, vouchers and subs will happen often but will not be scheduled. The draw for the preorder will be scheduled for the final hour of the beta.

Looking forward to seeing you all <3


09-12-2018, 03:42 PM
Awesome! I can't wait to see your streams! :) Make sure you post when you're live!