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09-11-2018, 03:23 AM
Before I do the usual and open a massive can of proverbial worms, I just want to take the time to add a quick disclaimer and a bit of a rule. I am not trying to police you or strongarm you into silence. We, as players, deserve the right to be angry and annoyed, but that is not the point of this thread.

1. I will not be posting this on Reddit. I dislike Reddit. You are free, if you desire, to copy it over. I doubt it will get much attention, but the option is there. My only requirement is that a similar rule, which is posted below, is enforced.

2. If you are to comment on this thread, to another comment, or just in general, I urge you to do so in a mature and respectful manner. Not only are the people you are speaking to humans, they also aid in helping the game grow and stay afloat. However, if we want to be heard, if we desire our message to hit the correct ears, it must be a message of maturity and loyalty. I do not desire a message of whining and screeching to be passed on. Anger begets more anger. We do not want to become an angry mob, lynching whoever is in the way. That is a path we should not strive to take.

Thank you.


My strongest argument, as of now, is simply that quality will always, no matter what, triumph over quantity.

Continuing on that, it was a very bad idea to forgo the previous quality the voice acting contained in the game. Perfection is what we should be striving for, not the amount of banter in the game. I completely understand that sometimes fresh blood and new ideas are needed to expand the game and that new voices can revitalise the game as you know it, but it must be handled in a meticulous manner. There is no room for errors or less-than-perfect voice acting. For almost every voice that was done, the quality has diminished. The only two new voice I like is Peacekeeper, who has a Camille from league of Legends vibe. It fully fits her character. I cannot say the same for the rest of the voices.

I do not think any of the new voices are ‘awful’ and worthy of refunding the game and/or quitting, but the quality of the game has dropped substantially. Voices add so much character depth that immersing yourself in them is something that is essentially required.

If the voice actors happen to read this, I want to apologise for some of the feedback you have received. Some of you have real talent, but you stepped into big shoes.

For those of you that touched Latin, you hit a language that has been dead for many years and has lost mostly everything it once had. The voice actor that did the old Centurion nailed it. That is what you should be aiming for. The emphasis, the emotion. Latin is a strong language. You need to sound strong and not like a twenty-one-year-old male. Linguistics is not easy.

For the people who did the Samurai faction, I am very disappointed. I was expecting a full dialogue in Japanese with English subtitles. I understand that some people may have found this odd, but it makes no sense for them to be speaking English (or Engrish, as you used). I understand that, at this point, this is impossible. I doubt none of you are actually Japanese or have studied the language intensively, as you should have prior to accepting the role.

My goal of this thread was to not rag on the voice actors, so I shall stop. I am certain you have all seen the threads and what I have posted is nothing new. Instead, I am going to focus on how to improve the overall quality of the voices, add some immersion, and aid in fixing the slanted dialogue and banter between the heroes.

These are simple suggestions that I thought of while making a coffee.

1. Heroes that are wearing a helmet, mask, or anything that obscures the mouth should have a slightly muffled voice.

- Not many games actually do this and I have always been curious about why. I do understand, with the customising the game offers, why this may not be practical as two different lines would need to be added for heroes that have helmets and do not have helmets.

2. The closer a hero is to your hero, the louder their voice should be.

- This is something that is normally overlooked, as well. You should not hear another hero perfectly if they’re halfway across the battleground from you.

3. Add ambience to the dialogue, removing the perfect ‘studio quality’.

- This is a battlefield, not a manor. Voices should be wavy, cut off, and not perfect quality. I think this is why some games record certain lines outdoors, to add a genuine ambience to it.

4. Voice cancellation.

- When someone is hit, whatever they are saying should be stopped and replaced with a grunt or other noise. It makes no sense for them to be taunting when they are being slashed across the face. Example: “What’d you say – argh!”

5. Better dialogue/banter

- I love the direction you are taking, but it is not as good as I hoped. Where is the back and forth banter? It is all pretty much one-liners still. I would love to see back and forth dialogue. Example(s) for what could trigger dialogue:

- Enemy holds their stance in the same position for a while
- Enemy spam changes attack directions
- Enemy dies to minions
- Enemy dies to the environment
- Enemy gets hit by a catapult
- Nearby ally gets hit by a friendly catapult
- Enemy taunts
- Ally taunts
- Ally kills someone
- Ally joins in on a fight
- Enemy joins into your fight
- You have not moved in a while
- You are using a zip line
- Enemy misses an attack
- Enemy runs out of stamina
- Ally dies
- You parry an enemy
- You deflect an enemy
- An ally parries an enemy
- Ally uses revenge
- Enemy uses revenge
- Ally jumps off a ledge and hits no one
- Hitting an enemy with a ballista
- Hitting an ally with a ballista
- Reviving the same ally twice
- Fleeing from a fight

Now, despite the fact that I find it quite difficult to write dialogue for each hero as I am yet to familiarise myself with them and their lore besides Nobushi and Peacekeeper, who I main, the dialogue may appear to be odd. I will be adding scenarios from the above recommendation, just in general. These lines are not targeted for individual heroes and are generic. If you desire for me to write dialogue for you, I will gladly accept a job or even sit down and study their lore for you. As of now, it is generic and unsuited for anyone in particular.

- Enemy holds their stance in the same position for a while
-- “You can attack from different directions, you know.”
-- “Still?” <snorting sound> “I expected more.”
-- “Are you still training?”

- Enemy spam changes attack directions
-- “What are you doing?”
-- <a loud and dramatic sigh>

- Enemy dies to minions
-- <laughing>
-- “That has to hurt.”
-- “Haha. Ouch.”
-- “At least your death will aid that guy with a promotion.”

- Enemy dies to the environment
-- “I’m not that scary, am I?”
-- <humming>
-- “Almost hit me. The keyword is almost.”

- Enemy gets hit by a catapult
-- “You have to be aware.”
-- “Well done!”
-- “Didn’t think that would actually hit. Impressed.”

- Nearby ally gets hit by a friendly catapult
-- “Wow!”
-- “I didn’t order that.”
-- <laughing>

- Enemy taunts
-- “Step a little closer.”
-- “Is that so?”
-- “What was that? I can’t hear you over your dead friends.”

That is all I will do as you get the gist and I am uncertain if there is a character limit. Off the top of my head, I can think of more than twenty different scenarios that could cause banter during a battle. Even if you do not cut dialogue off like I suggested, the constant banter would aid. The heroes that are meant to be honourable would most likely not talk trash, but I can imagine some just going all out. Also, Shaman making random Shaman noises as taunts would be hilarious. Having your hero react to that would be even better.

My whole point, while the new voices are growing on me, the quality of the actual lines did not improve. Granted, during the beta, I heard Nuxia (who is the only hero I played) comment on certain heroes she attacked, but that was about all. Spawn, when locking onto certain heroes. That’s all she really said or did. It adds so much depth to characters to have little relationships between them. Maybe Warden (female) is a close friend of Shaman.

However, I realise that it may not work as the classes are classes, not heroes. Peacekeeper is not Cassandra (at least I think that is her name in the main story). This was remedied in the new expansion, but it really does make dialogue hard when all but four of the cast are classes, not heroes, so lines will hardly work.

I think I covered everything. This has already touched four pages and 1600 words. I think I should stop droning on and see what people think before I expand any more than I already have.

I hope you all have a good day and find my thread insightful.

09-11-2018, 02:09 PM
Good read. Well done. I agree with you on most points.
Concerning the mufflling I think that beforehand you could recognize a muffling on the original cast voice acting. Of course it would't hurt to have a little bit more of that but what they did to most of the cast is over the top for my taste. Too loud and voices while having too much muffling. Lawbringer was well done I think. Warden.. too much

My overall disapproval goes to the job they made with the "engrish" lines of all samurai. They all sound terrible, off-character and extremely dumb (male orochi baffles me a lot).

The voice actors also integrated so often LISPING it's really making my guts twist inside. Examples: Centurion, Kensei (female) (https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/9ely36/random_assortment_of_the_new_voice_lines/?st=JLWM2RNJ&sh=d7546fcf look here at 0:12)