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09-10-2018, 04:04 PM
Good Morning, Forum.
I'm not gonna lie, I took a bit of a break and played some other games for awhile, and after having played some MKX it got me wondering if we could have multiple fighting style choices for characters in For Honor. In other words rework and original but with fancy names. I used to love playing Conq, feinting lights and heavies, got him to rep 10 level 1 before rework, and now my Conq sits unused at rep 10 level 2. The reason for me is just how everything comes down to shieldbash light. Heavy into bash feint, light, dodge bash light, hit bash light, etc.
For the Conq for example have the "Old Style" be something like "Crusader" and the new style be "Mongrel" or "Conscript." You could probably fit the Style options in at the feat screen for 4v4, and just have a small side screen in 1v1, 2v2.
This could be difficult as now each character would have multiple states to have to be balanced, but hint hint can I please get my old Conq back?