View Full Version : About the new voice-lines. Open discussion.

09-10-2018, 11:20 AM
Since i play nobushi i felt like her very character is being torn apart by the new voice lines, and she isnt the only one. Nobushi sounds like a cartoon character(or to be specific she sounds exactly like Omi from Shaolin Showdown cartoon). Transition from a calculated murderer into an anime girl is very, VERY not needed. What i noticed is that many of the voice lines i heard are having fun... FUN! On the battlefield?! Where murder and death is looming on every corner?! Is that the direction of for honor going now? People stayed because it was dark and gritty. No one in their right mind wants to be in a war, on the battlefield. Its almost as if the idea-bringer was a woman, full of sunshine and rainbows. This is not some dance competition. You need to instil fear into your enemy, to provoke them, show them that youre here to kill them, not dance around and have a laugh(yes, in some cases its effective, but it cant be done on every character)

The very idea of voice lines is welcomed with open arms.
The current execusion of this idea is below par, cheap.

Ubisoft dev's, we understand you feel invested in this, and things are already done, but it is not too late fix this. Listen to your community for once. Just how strong of a backlash do you need for you to actualy listen?

09-10-2018, 11:38 AM
Just had a listen of most voice lines... i would fire so many people for this botched attempt.

Previous voice lines you can feel the weight of every swing and yell.
Current ones can be compared to a house cat from a previous lion.