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09-08-2018, 09:30 PM
If i had to find the words for the new voices it would be like this, it's not like i hate the voice actors, it's more like the sound director said to them "For Honor is a comedic cartoon network show about vikings fighting with knights and samurais." They literally made the voices sound comedic and cartoonish.

Before, they were perfectly nice for this game, really imponent and strong voices that were really serious and gave a big warrior impression (both male and female ones) that's why we made the voice memes, cause they were so serious, the voice acting team is not supposed to do that job, it was our job as community to spam the dunmaglass and conqueror Rah memes and voices.

Still i have to say you did a really good job to shugoki, great work for the guy that did that voice, but for the love of god, please fix highlander leprechaun voice (highlander voice was the best of all the game) and warden soyboy voice.

Another thing, just grunting and saying RAHHH! != Ancient warrior. Also slow down the talkings mid fights, we are trying to concentrate and fight, not talk with each other, the voices on the moves were fine cause they gave you indications of the actions they were going to do, but as right now sometimes they don't even do it (if you spam the move) it's like you separated voices from the game and it's a totally different aspect of it, honestly it makes you want to just mute the voices. (in other words it's messing with the gameplay aspect of the game, we used to get cues based on sound to act in specific situations)

So, to conclude, if you have to take more time to make a proper voice rework you can take it, even if it means making the marching fire update without voices, we can deal with it, remember that you will lose far more players by making this changes with the current voices compared to making the change with a message saying "We want to bring you the best experience possible so voices will be deactivated while we upgrade them" and take 1-2 weeks to do it properly.

09-08-2018, 10:05 PM
Shugoki voice is good? Itís terrible lol.

And they also screw up the voicelines for his special moves (charged heavy and hug).

09-08-2018, 10:42 PM
Absolutely all of the new voices suck...