View Full Version : Old Season rewards (colours) and ranked + the shop

09-08-2018, 04:02 PM
I made this same thread on reddit the other day but got absolutely no responses, so I'd figure i'd post it here for the chance of getting at least a modicum of input.

I recently came back to the game after hearing about Marching Fire and it's new Arcade mode, which got me excited since I play exclusively PvE (I've done my time with twitch-based PvP in other games, don't want dive into a new competitive scene which I always tend to do) For Honor always stood out for me thanks to the amazing fighting system, animation and most importantly, the customization.

A lot has changed, I notice how there are now bundles in the shop containing older season content, content that I thought was locked behind ranked participation. I'm left wondering how likely it is that more content like colours and embossings from older seasons will become "unlocked" and either purchasable in the store or in-game? or even able to be acquired through alternative means. Had my eye on some colours like Bounty Hunter or Winter King and always had written them off because they were unlocked by playing ranked exclusively, and were unobtainable anyways since they were from older seasons. These shop Legacy Bundles have me questioning whether it is worth hoping they'll be obtainable for me or not. Is it?